Wolfenstein Trophy Guide

Wolfenstein Trophy Guide

Wolfenstein Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ***  A first-person shooter and a sequel to Return to Castle Wolfenstein, taking place during World War II. While the offline trophies aren’t overly difficult, the online are challenging and time consuming without boosting.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Wolfenstein *** 50 Raven Software U.S. 33 15 1 25 0


Wolfenstein is a first-person shooter, and a sequel to Return to Castle Wolfenstein, available on the PS2 and Xbox. The action takes place in the fictional town of Isendtadt during WWII, where players battle against not only Nazis, but supernatural creatures.

Nazis have been digging up crystals named Nachtsonne, which can be used to unleash an unspeakable power. Special agent B.J. Blazkowicz, after making a daring escape using a medallion he stole that was powered by a Nachstonne, heads to the fictional town of Isendstadt where the crystals are found, to stop the Nazi's diabolical plans.

Wolfenstein received fairly average reviews, with an average score of 72%, both praised and criticized as being a reasonably fun but typical shooter without anything particularly outstanding.

The offline trophies are fairly average, requiring a playthrough on its hardest difficulty mode, finding collectibles, and a few other miscellaneous trophies. However, the online will certainly take a big chunk out of your time. If you have a good group of two or three boosting partners, this rating could be brought down to a high 2-star.

Legitimately, expect over 100 hours of gameplay. With a boosting partner, this number could be brought down to around 40 hours or so.

It's up to you how many playthroughs you wish to do in order to work towards the Platinum, and it's certainly possible to do everything in one. You will need to play the game on its hardest difficulty setting, Uber Difficulty, as well as find all the collectibles in the form of Gold, Intel, and Tomes of Power, and get through the game with less than 3 deaths. On top of this, there are a few miscellaneous trophies to do. If you're great at multitasking, then by all means it's totally doable to complete everything in one run. If not, then you might want to divide up your playthroughs. Particularly, for example, completing the game with less than 3 deaths on an easier mode.

On the whole, Uber Difficulty isn't too hard, though you will find yourself in a few frustrating spots. Regarding the Single Quarter trophy for completing the game with less than 3 deaths, make sure that if you die, do NOT load from the last checkpoint, as this will register your death. Instead, quit to the main menu and reload your last save. Finally, be sure to check out the trophy guides and collectible guides in our Links page to help out with the remaining trophies. It is possible to replay previous missions to mop-up any trophies you're still missing, up until the Airfield level, which is the point of no return.

Once you've completed all the offline trophies, it's time to move onto the online multiplayer, where there are 25 trophies to unlock. Your ultimate goal will be to unlock the Das Big Man trophy for reaching Rank 50. There is a glitch you can exploit, however, so check out the Links page for that. Most of the other online trophies are either kill-related, winning multiplayer games on different matches, or related to the Veil ability. In general, unlocking all the online trophies will take a bit of time. However, if you manage to find a good crew of 3 or 4 boosting buddies, the time can be cut by about 75%. Check out the boosting forums under our Links tab if this is a path that interests you.