NBA Jam Trophy Guide

NBA Jam Trophy Guide

NBA Jam Trophy Guide. Difficulty: n/o  An arcade-style basketball game and part of the NBA Jam series. Since the servers were closed in January 2013, the online trophies – and therefore, the Platinum – and are now Not Obtainable.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
NBA Jam n/o 27 EA Canada Canada 6 14 6 4 0


NBA Jam is a basketball game based on the National Basketball Association, and part of the NBA Jam series which began in the arcade in 1993. Unlike the NBA 2K series, NBA Jam uses 3D models with 2D high-resolution photographs of the player's heads, as well as exaggerated slam dunking, high jumping, and basketballs catching on fire. The game is 2-on-2, but also includes some 1-on-1 in boss battles, as well as online play.

NBA Jam received positive reviews with an average score of 82%, praised for its visuals and overall fun.

NBA Jam was first released in November 2010, and included 4 online trophies. Unfortunately, EA Sports closed their servers on January 11, 2013, which means these online trophies can no longer be unlocked, marking the Platinum for this game Not Obtainable.

Due to the online servers being shut down on January 11, 2013, the 4 online trophies, and therefore the Platinum, cannot be obtained. However, the game still includes 22 offline trophies, so if you're interested, then read on.

If you're new to the series, you can begin things by heading into Jam Camp, where you'll learn the controls. This will also unlock the Big Head mode.

After that, you can start playing through the Classic Campaign. There are 29 NBA teams to play in total, 7 legend teams, and a final boss. This can be done on Easy mode, if you want to make things easier on yourself. This will require 6 playthorughs to unlock all the campaign-related trophies. Also, make sure to select a team from a different division each time, so as to work towards unlocking the NBA Domination trophy.

Once this is done, you will need to face the Beastie Boys following the credits, in a four-way 21 game. This is perhaps the most challenging trophy in the game, as this challenge is no cake-walk. If you're having trouble, check out some of the Jam Boss strategies under our Links tab.

Once you've beaten the Beastie Boys and unlocked the 3 The Hard Way trophy, then congratulations! Simply mop-up any remaining trophies.

Unfortunately, with the servers down, this is as far as we can go.