Lord of the Rings Conquest Trophy Guide

Lord of the Rings Conquest Trophy Guide

Lord of the Rings Conquest Trophy Guide. Difficulty: n/o  A third-person action involving battles inspired by the Lord of the Rings story. Since the servers were closed in March 2010, the online trophies – and therefore, the Platinum – are now Not Obtainable.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Lord of the Rings: Conquest n/o 48 Pandemic Studios U.S. 32 13 2 12 0

Lord of the Rings: Conquest

Based on the "Lord of the Rings" films/book, and with similar gameplay to the "Star Wars: Battlefront" series - of which was created by the same developer, Lord of the Rings: Conquest is an action third-person battle in which the player takes control of one of four classes of characters, fighting in wars both inspired by the story as well as alternate battles.

Ratings have been exceptionally mixed, ranging from 4 to 87 out of ten, with an average of 55%, criticized for its poor graphics, redundancy of gameplay and serious connection problems with the online servers.

The game was released in January of 2009. Only 14 months later, Electronic Arts decided to shut down the online servers. There are 48 trophies in total, and 12 are online. But without the EA servers, those 12 trophies cannot be acquired, which means the Platinum for this game is no longer obtainable.

If you just wish to add trophies to your overall count, the offline challenges are not particularly difficult. But you'll NEVER see 100% completion on your stats.

Most of the offline trophies are story-based, which require a set number of objectives to move onto the next level. Other trophies include scoring combos, headshot kills, and killing a set number of enemies without losing a life, many of which will naturally be acquired without much effort during the course of the game.

The 12 online trophies cannot be acquired since EA shutdown the servers in March of 2010.

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