Karaoke Revolution Trophy Guide

Karaoke Revolution Trophy Guide

Karaoke Revolution Trophy Guide. Difficulty: **** Β A music karaoke game with over 50 different tracks in a variety of genres. The online trophies are challenging without a boosting partner, and acquiring a perfect score on Expert mode is extremely difficult.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Karaoke Revolution **** 51 Blitz Games U.K. 38 10 2 3 0

Karaoke Revolution

Karaoke Revolution is a music karaoke game, in which players must sing and match the songs and their pitches to the lyrics scrolling across the screen, as the player-character performs at various public venues. The North American game includes 50 master tracks in a wide range of genres, while the UK version holds up to 75 tracks.

Karaoke Revolution received generally positive reviews, with an average score of 69%, praised for its selection of music and overall fun, but criticized for mediocre graphics and presentation.

The majority of the trophies are easy to collect, and only require time. However, there are 3 online trophies, and considering the age of this game, it's difficult to find anyone to play with. If you have a boosting partner, then these three trophies aren't a problem. Still, this game gets its 4-star rating due to one trophy: Hard Carbon, which requires a perfect score on Expert mode. Many have tried, few have succeeded.

Overall, this Platinum will take at least 60 hours, if not more, depending on how much difficulty you have with the Hard Carbon trophy.

NOTE: You will need 2 microphones for the Platinum.

There are two trophies you can knock out from the beginning. Make yourself a new character and venue, then perform a song with that new character in your new venue, and you'll unlock both the A New Voice and Stage Designer trophies.

After that, you can start on the Career Mode. If you've played any other music titles before, then you should be familiar with the drill. Start on a level you're comfortable with and play through the list. As your percentage gets high, move up to the next difficulty setting, and continue honing your karaoke skills. You'll be unlocking a number of trophies along the way, naturally.

At some point, you'll want to knock out the 3 online trophies: World Shut Your Mouth, Mic's At Fifteen Paces, and Musical Espionage. As we stated before, the online community is rather dead considering the age of this game. Check out the forums under our Links tab if you're looking for a boosting partner.

Also, there are 3 trophies which you'll need to unlock with two microphones: Host With The Most, Co-operative Commune, and Nothing But A Good Time. Also, the Challengers trophy requires 10 head-to-head matches, which can either be unlocked with two microphones, or online.

Lastly, mop-up any trophies you're still missing. This will probably include the Hard Carbon trophy which is so difficult that we brought this rating up to a 4-star. Rather than singing your favorite song, try to find one in which the pitch doesn't change very much, such as "I Melt With You." Just keep practicing, and pay close attention to the bar to measure your pitch. You need at least 99.6% in order to unlock this trophy.

Good luck!