Portal 2 Trophy Guide

Portal 2 Trophy Guide

Portal 2 Trophy Guide. Difficulty: n/o Β A first-person puzzle platformer and sequel to the 2007 Portal. While it may be possible to connect your PSN account to a Steam account to unlock the two online trophies, for all intent and purposes the Platinum for this game is marked as Not Obtainable.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Portal 2 n/o 51 Valve Corporation U.S. 42 5 3 2 0

Portal 2

Portal 2 is a first-person puzzle platformer, and a sequel to the 2007 Portal, which was released on the PS3 as part of The Orange Box, before trophy support. Like the prequel, players traverse through levels and explore areas while avoiding obstacles through teleportation, by creating an entrance and exit portal hole. The game includes both single player and two-player co-op, which can either be played split-screen or online.

Following the events of the prequel, after the female protagonist Chell has destroyed the artificial intelligence GLaDOS which had killed the employees at Aperture Science, she has been captured and pulled back inside the facility by a Party Escort Bot. Chell has been placed in suspended animation by an Aperture Science employee named Doug Tattman, and has since awakened and searching for a means of escape.

Portal 2 received outstanding reviews, with an average score of 96%, praised for its additions to the sequel, overall challenging puzzles and fun, and considered by many critics to be even better than the prequel.

While the Platinum is not quite 100% unobtainable, we felt it best to label this game as Not Obtainable to give you fair warning. The problem is with two trophies which can only be unlocked online: Professor Portal and Friends Lists With Benefits. The only way to collect these is by connecting your PSN account through a Steam account on the PC. However, as of late 2014, many people have been experiencing issues trying to connect to Steam.

Those of you who are determined to unlock these two trophies, may be able to do some research and figure out a way around this problem. But for the average gamer who doesn't have a Steam account and simply wishes to hunt for trophies on their PS3, this Platinum is Not Obtainable.

Your first step is to simply play through the single player campaign. Aside from the story-related trophies which you'll automatically unlock, there are a number of miscellaneous trophies which are chapter-specific. There is a chapter select at the end of the game, in which you can backtrack and nab anything you missed. However, if you want to get all these trophies in one go, check out the Portal 2 trophy guide by technole and Spikey654 under our Links tab, which provides a list of what trophies can be unlocked in each chapter.

Once that's finished, here's where you can use the chapter select to mop-up any of the single player trophies you may have missed.

After that, you can start working on the co-op story. As we've said before, issues with connectivity have caused Professor Portal and Friends Lists With Benefits to become unobtainable for some. However, the other co-op related trophies can still be earned in split-screen. This is a completely different game which involves team work, and is rather difficult to do on your own with two controllers. We highly recommend inviting a friend over to help you out. Again, check out the Portal 2 trophy guide by technole and Spikey654 for a list of the locations where certain trophies can be unlocked.

Unfortunately, this may be were your trophy hunting for Portal 2 comes to an end. We have included some forums under our Links tab which explains the PS3 and Steam integration if you'd like to give it a try. Who knows, you might get lucky and be able to unlock those two unobtainable trophies. But don't get your hopes up too high.