Pure Football Trophy Guide

Pure Football Trophy Guide

Pure Football Trophy Guide. Difficulty: n/o  Known as Pure Futbol in North America, is an arcade style football/soccer game. Since the servers were shut down in 2012, the online trophies, and therefore the Platinum, are now Not Obtainable.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Pure Football n/o 51 Ubisoft Vancouver Canada 35 14 1 10 0

Pure Football

Pure Football, known as Pure Futbol in North America, is an arcade-style football/soccer game. Players select from among 230 football players from 17 national teams as well as three legends teams - US all-time team, Germany, and World One - and compete in either Exhibition, Campaign, or online multiplayer modes. The online servers were shut down in Spring 2012.

Pure Football received generally poor reviews with an average score of 45%, criticized for its graphics, framerate, and AI design.

Pure Football was first released in May 2010, and includes 10 online trophies. Unfortunately, in Spring of 2012, the online servers were shut down unexpectedly, and have not been restored since. As a result, the game's 10 online trophies cannot be unlocked. Therefore, the platinum for Pure Football is now Not Obtainable.

There are 10 online trophies which cannot be unlocked due to the server close in Spring 2012, which means the platinum for Pure Football is Not Obtainable. However, there are still 40 offline trophies that can be claimed, so if you're still interested, then read on.

We recommend starting with the tutorial. Not only will this teach you the controls, but net you the Pure Participation trophy after completing the 8 tutorial lessons.

Next, time to head into the Campaign. Expect to spend a lot of time here, as you'll eventually need to work towards unlocking all the national players for the A League Of Your Own trophy. This means a minimum of three playthroughs in order to achieve a 4+ star rating as a Forward, a Midfielder, and a Defender. If you've completed the Campaign three times and are still missing a few players, start up a fourth game.

With the Campaign-related trophies completed and all the national players from there unlocked, you can simply mop-up any remaining offline trophies you still need. Check out the Pure Football trophy guide links under our Links tab to see what you're still missing and their requirements.

Unfortunately, with the online servers shutdown, this is as far as we can go.

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