Rocksmith Trophy Guide

Rocksmith Trophy Guide

Rocksmith Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ****  A music rhythm game which uses a real guitar rather than a controller. While the Platinum can be quite challenging, this is heavily dependent on your guitaring skills.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Rocksmith **** 51 Ubisoft San Francisco U.S. 39 9 2 1 10


Rocksmith is a music rhythm game that uses a real electric guitar that's connected to the PlayStation 3 by a Real Tone cable, or an acoustic guitar with a pickup. Players play songs by matching the incoming notes on the screen to their playing on the guitar. A career mode, divided between guitar and bass, allows players to earn experience points, which unlocks new venues and additional features. The Technique Challenges allows players to practice specific tricks for both the guitar and bass, such as hammer-ons/pull-offs, Chords, Power Chords, and Bends. A microphone is also compatible for karaoke-style gameplay.

Rocksmith received positive reviews with an average score of 82%, praised for its use as a guitar-playing learning tool, and overall fun.

Since the game requires playing a real guitar, the difficulty of the game is heavily dependant on whether or not you have any previous guitar-playing experience. A new or even amateur guitar player will probably require quite a bit of time and effort, hence the 4-star difficulty rating. However, if you've taken guitar lessons and can play some serious songs already, than this could be brought down to a low 3-star rating, though still adding a bit of a challenge.

Expect roughly 50-60 hours for the Platinum for experienced guitar players, and far more if this is your first time.

NOTE: For the Platinum, you will need 2 Tone Cables and a USB Microphone, as well as one real Guitar.

The game has only one online trophy which you can knock out right away. In the Main Menu, access the Download Store. You don't need to buy or download anything. Simply visiting the Store will unlock the Happy Shopper trophy.

Other than that, like most music rhythm games, Rocksmith doesn't require any particular roadmap. If you are an inexperienced guitar player, it's probably a good idea to start with the Tutorial. Also, the Technique Challenges will help with both teaching and allowing practice for specific techniques, such as Bends or Hammer Ons/Pull-Offs. Also, doing the Technique Challenges allows you to unlock The Rocksmith Method and Tutorials My Axe trophies.

The Guitarcade games are also a great way to continue practicing different techniques, which you can work on at any time. In addition, there are a total of eight Guitarcade-related trophies to unlock.

Once you feel you're ready, you can start playing through the Journey, which is the career mode of the game. Playing through events will unlock all 48 guitars and 50 effects, as well as the Rocksmith trophy for reaching Rank 11, as well as a number of other trophies along the way.

You'll need to sing at least one song for the Just Singing trophy. You can use any USB mic, or even the PlayStation Eye.

Also, you will need two Tone Cables for the Beneficial Friends trophy. Simply plug both into the PlayStation 3 and select a multiplayer game. After you complete the sound check with one guitar, unplug the Tone Cable from the instrument and plug in the other for another sound check, which will then unlock the trophy.

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