Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness Trophy Guide

Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness Trophy Guide

Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *** Β An action J-RPG and the fifth major installment in the Star Ocean series. While the Platinum is somewhat easier than the previous game, three full playthroughs and over 100 hours of gaming is required.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness *** 41 tri-Ace Japan 22 16 2 0 0

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness, is a sci-fi action RPG and the fifth major installment in the Star Ocean series, following after Star Ocean: The Last Hope. Similar to previous games in the series, players control one of seven party members in real-time battle sequences, with the ability to switch between characters. New to the series is the ability to craft items, and improvements to the AI.

The story is set in SD 537 (2623 AD) between the events of The Second Story and Till the End of Time, on the planet Faykreed located 6,000 light years from Earth, where first contact has been made by visitors from an advanced race, throwing the planet into a civil war. Meanwhile, a mysterious young girl has been found from the wreckage of a crashed spaceship.

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness received lukewarm reviews with an average score of 58%, praised for its story, engaging characters, and fun gameplay, though criticized for technical issues and lack of polish.

If you've played other games in the Star Ocean series, then you should have a good idea of what's expected. Overall, Integrity and Faithlessness is a little easier than its predecessor, The Last Hope. However, three full playthroughs are required, on of which on its hardest difficulty mode, and plenty of farming to do. Like many J-RPG titles, the 3-star difficulty rating is more for the time involved, rather than skills required.

Expect around 110-120 hours for the Platinum.

NOTE: While the trophies on the PS4 have a separate list from those on the PS3, the PS3 version is only in Japanese.

You will need to do three playthroughs, as the difficulty-related trophies do not stack. Start your playthrough on Earth mode, which is the easiest. Start by playing till about 80% of the game. Along the way, keep note of the following missable trophies: My Reaction When for using an emote during a cutscene, Boss Of The Bestiary for encountering every enemy, and Compendium Completionist for cataloguing all 623 items. Check out the Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness trophy guide links under our Links tab for more details on these. Although you'll be doing two more playthroughs later, we recommend getting these now just so you won't need to worry about them.

Eventually, after about 80% into the story, you'll be on a ship in your private quarters to sleep, when you'll receive a warning that you'll be approaching the end, and ask if you wish to proceed. At this point, make a back-up file. This way, after you've completed the game and witnessed one of the endings, you can reload and view the next one. Rinse and repeat until you've viewed all six different endings, and gotten each of their respective trophies.

After that, you'll want to work on all the other miscellaneous trophies, except for those related to playing on the harder levels. This should include Boss OF The Bestiary trophy, Consummate Combatant for obtaining al battle trophies, acquiring all battle skills and spells for the Supernal Aspirations trophy, and a few others. Again, check out the Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness trophy guide links under our Links tab to see what you're still missing and their requirements.

Next, start a second playthrough, this time on Universal mode. Here is your chance to mop-up any missable trophies you couldn't unlock during your first playthrough. Completing this playthrough will unlock both The Legend Begins for starting a second playthrough, and Universally Renowned for completing Univeral mode.

Finally, it's time for one more playthrough, this time on Chaos difficulty. For the most part, Chaos shouldn't prove to be very difficult except for a few bosses. Completing this will unlock the Survivor Of Chaos trophy, and hopefully, the Platinum trophy as well.

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