Teslagrad Trophy Guide PS3

Teslagrad Trophy Guide

Teslagrad Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *  A 2D side-scrolling platformer with puzzles. If following a guide, the Platinum can be unlocked in just a few hours.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Teslagrad * 37 Rain Games Norway 24 8 4 0 0


Teslagrad is a 2D side-scrolling platformer with puzzles. The environments are hand-drawn, with an inspiration from the steampunk genre. Players use electromagnetic powers to explore and find their way through an abandoned Tesla Tower.

In the Kingdom of Elektropia, a young orphaned boy is chased by the King’s guards and finds refuge inside a deserted tower, known as Teslagrad. There, he uncovers the secrets of the conflict between the King and the technological wizards who created the tower.

Teslagrad received mainly positive reviews with an average score of 78%, praised for its hand-drawn artwork, music, and fun puzzles, while criticized by some for its difficulty at times.

This is a high 1-star difficulty, only because some skill and even luck is involved. All the trophies are related to finding collectibles in the form of scrolls. Most of these scrolls are easy to get, especially if following a guide, while a few can be a bit tricky. Completing the game isn’t eve a requirement for the Platinum.

If following a guide, expect around 5-6 hours for the Platinum, depending on your skills and luck.

NOTE: The trophies on the PS4 share the same list with those on the PS3 and PS Vita.

All of the trophies are tied to collecting collectibles in the form of scrolls. There are a total of 36 scrolls, each with their own respective trophy. Find all 36 scrolls, and you will unlock the Platinum. Completing the story is not necessary, unless of course you are curious how the story ends.

Nothing in the game is missable, as you can always backtrack to previously visited areas. Also, you can check and see which scrolls you are missing by pressing the touch pad and Right on the D-pad.

If you want to get the Platinum as quickly as possible, check out the trophy walkthrough guides under our Links tab. These will also help with solving the puzzles.

If you want to take your time and enjoy the game, feel free to do so. When you’re ready to gather any missing scrolls, check out the Teslagrad trophy guide links under our Links tab to see where and how to find any scrolls you still need.

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