Strider Trophy Guide

Strider Trophy Guide

Strider Trophy Guide. Difficulty: **  A side-scrolling action platformer and revamp of the original 1989 title. The Platinum is more challenging than time-consuming, with a playthrough on Hard mode, a speed-run, and collectibles to find.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Strider ** 31 Double Helix Games / Capcom U.S. / Japan 7 20 3 0 0


Strider is a side-scrolling platforming hack and slash action game, and a reboot of the original 1989 title. The player-character Hiryu battles enemies by main plasma weapon, the Cypher. Players are free to explore each environment in search of other weapons, items, and upgrades.

Taking place in the fictional metropolis of Kazakh City, the Strider organization has sent out their deadliest assassin, Hiryu against the evil Grandmaster Meio.

Strider received positive reviews with an average score of 77%, praised for remaining faithful to the original while updating the visuals, and its overall fun, while criticized by some for repetitive gameplay.

The game requires at least two playthroughs, one on Normal and another on Hard mode difficulty. There is also a trophy required for making a speed-run in under four hours, as well as multiple collectibles to find. While the game is quite short, it can be tricky and even frustrating at times, particularly on Hard mode.

About 10-15 hours are required for the Platinum, depending on your skills and how many playthroughs are done.

If you wish to get the Platinum in only two playthroughs, then we recommend starting your first run on Hard mode, in order to unlock the Special Class-A trophy. The enemies have more health, and you take more damage. Hard mode may seem quite difficult at first, but gets easier once you start getting upgrades, and take your time.

During your first playthrough, you should also be looking for all the collectibles. This includes all 7 energy upgrades for the You've Got The Power trophy, all 11 fallen Striders for the Remember The Fallen trophy, all 6 health upgrades for the Health Nut trophy, all 4 Kunai upgrades for the Cuts Like A Knife trophy, and all 10 large canisters for the Collector Of Collecting trophy.

Also, during this playthrough, you'll want to go for the missable trophies, which include completing the Balrog without falling for the Didn't Miss A Beat trophy, defeating 20 enemies using a panther for the Eye Of The Tiger trophy, defeating 20 consecutive enemies without getting hit for the Untouchable trophy, defeating 10 enemies using reflect for the I'm Rubber You're Glue trophy, and maxing out the hit meter 25 times for the Meet Cypher's Edge trophy. Be sure to check out the Strider trophy guide links under our Links tab for more details.

If you can get all those missables, as well as find all the collectibles, then with the story-related trophies included, you should have nearly all the trophies by the time you finish your playthrough on Hard mode.

Finally, for your second playthrough, select Normal difficulty, which you'll still need to complete for the Class-A Ninja trophy, since the difficulty-related trophies don't stack. Here is where you'll need to complete the game in under 4 hours for the Speed Demon trophy. Avoid attacking enemies whenever you can, and move quicker by sliding, which can later be chained with catapult. Pausing the game, or even dying, does not count towards the timer, so feel free to pause in order to check the map, or kill yourself if you think you're taking too much time on a particular stage.

After your speed-run, and if you've gotten all the other trophies on your first playthrough, you should have the Platinum after completing your second playthrough.

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