Minecraft Expansion 10 DLC Now Available

Minecraft Expansion 10 DLC

Mojang has just released another addition to their open-world crafting game, labled as the Minecraft Expansion 10 DLC for the PlayStation 4. Like their previous DLC Expansion packs, this one is also free of charge.

The Minecraft Expansion 10 DLC, also known as the Pillager Update, brings new adventures to your nearby villages, including the evil mob Pillagers who raid villages, giving you the chance to become the hero of the town. The update also includes more useful gadgets to craft, including a grindstone, cartography tables, and campfires.

Trophy hunters and Completionists should take note that the Minecraft Expansion 10 DLC also adds another six trophies to the game, now bringing the total to a whopping 111. The six new trophies are as follows:

Buy Low, Sell High (gold) – Trade for the best possible price.

Disenchanted (bronze) – Use a Grindstone to get experience from an enchanted item.

I’ve Got A Bad Feeling About This (bronze) – Kill a Pillager Captain.

Kill The Beast! (silver) – Defeat a Ravager.

Sound The Alarm! (bronze) – Ring the bell with a hostile enemy in the village.

We’re Being Attacked! (bronze) – Trigger A Pillager Raid.


For those of you anxious to get your completion percentage back up, here is a trophy guide for the Minecraft Expansion 10 DLC by NCSFan001:

And a video Trophy Guide by Redcar200:

Overall, unlocking all Minecraft Expansion 10 DLC trophies is not too difficult, and shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes with the guides.