2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Trophy Guide

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Trophy Guide. Difficulty: n/o   The official soccer/football game for the 2010 World Cup. Online servers are closed, which means the 11 online trophies, and therefore the Platinum, are Not Obtainable.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa n/o 43 EA Canada Canada 32 7 3 11 0

2010 World Cup South Africa

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa is the official game for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, licensed under EA, released in April of 2010.

Players can select teams from among the 199 countries available - leaving out only Bhutam, Guam, Sao Tome, Principe, and Eritrea - and contains an international soundtrack with 28 different songs, includes all 10 of the official World Cup stadiums to play, and has both single, two-player, and online play.

The game received rather positive reviews, with an average score of 85%, praised for its great graphics and realism. About 18 months after the game's release, the online servers were shut down, eliminating the possibility of online play.

As of late 2011, EA has closed their online servers. There are 11 online trophies, which can no longer be earned, marking the platinum for this game no longer obtainable

We have still added some trophy guides in our Links page if you are interested in collecting the 31 offline trophies. Just keep in mind that - unless you've already gotten all the online trophies before November 2011 - you will never be able to reach 100% completion.

NOTE: Having a second controller will really help with some of the offline trophies.

There are certain teams which make collecting particular trophies easier. So, if you're interested in collecting all the offline trophies, we recommend starting with South Africa set on Semi-Pro in a World Cup Tournament. Play through, and focus on getting the We'll Just Score More, World Cup Winner, and Defend Defend Defend trophies.

Next, in World Cup Tournament, select Greece. Here, aim to get the Second Trip First Goal. For the next few games, plug in a second controller, which will help net you the Concede No Goals trophy.

For the 2010 FIFA World Cup Mastery, using the second controller will make this trophy infinitely easier to defeat the 32 qualifying teams. During which, you can also forfeit when you're in the lead, then head into the practice area to unlock Practice Makes Perfect.

Then, set up your own Virtual Pro, set the mode to Amateur and the time to 4 minutes. make sure you're playing either as an Attacking Midfielder or a Forward to enable the chance to score goals. From here on, you're mostly moping up the other random offline trophies. Check out the trophy guides in our Links page for specific details about each trophy.

First, we've got a Walkthrough on IGN, which isn't extremely necessary unless you're new to Fifa and would like a rundown on the different modes and team rankings:

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