Rocket League Update 1.29 Now Available

Today, Psyonix released the 1.29 update for their vehicular soccer game, Rocket League, on the PlayStation 4, as well as the Xbox One and PC. In addition to adding 4K PS4 Pro support, and adding preparation for the Hot Wheels Battle-Cars (each at $1.99 USD) the latest update also adds the following:

DLC Battle-Cars

* Twin Mill III DLC Battle-Car with six new Decals

* Bone Shaker DLC Battle-Car with six new Decals


* Hot Wheels Antenna

* Treasure Hunt Flag


* Hot Wheels Topper

* Shark Bite Topper

The update also includes several bug repairs, including those that had previously glitched certain trophies from unlocking.

The Rocket League 1.29 Update does not add any new Trophies to the list.