AFL Live Trophy Guide

AFL Live Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ***  A sports game in the Australian Football series. Playing on Legend mode is no walk in the park, and the online trophy is tough to unlock without boosting.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
AFL Live *** 39 Big Ant Studio Australia 22 11 4 1 0

AFL Live

AFL Live is a sports game in the Australian Football series, though the first developed by Big Ant Studio and the first released for the PlayStation 3. Players can select either single matches, select a team and play through an AFL season, or create their own team. The game also features two-player competitive or cooperative play, multiplayer online, and commentary by Dennis Cometti and Brian Taylor.

AFL Live received lukewarm reviews with an average score of 62%, criticized for mechanical issues, but considered the best AFL game released thus far.

Playing this game on Legend mode, and acquiring the online trophy, is what brought this rating to 3-stars. The online trophy only requires you to play 5 times, not win, but due to the unpopularity of this game, it can be difficult to find anyone to play with. However, if you have a boosting partner, this trophy's obviously not a problem, and the difficulty rating can be brought down to a low 3-stars.

If you have experience playing Australian Football titles, then this difficulty could be further brought down to 2-stars.

Overall, expect to spend anywhere between 75 to 100 hours on this game, depending on your skills.

NOTE: You will need 2 controllers for one of the trophies.

If you possess serious AFL skills, it's possible to jump into Legend mode and immediately start working towards that Platinum. Otherwise, the controls have a learning curve which could take some time, and if you're unfamiliar with the rules of AFL, you may want to take your time.

In which case, you can start by going into Training and reading through the tutorials. This is purely for your own learning, and isn't trophy related. Also, you may wish to play a few Single Matches until you're comfortable with the controls before heading into the seasons.

Again, if you're taking the slow and easy route, select a Season playthrough on Amateur mode with 3 minute quarters. You will unlock several trophies along the way naturally, though there are several you can aim for. If you miss them, don't worry. Many can be earned through the Single Matches later.

Again, here we're faced with a fork in the road. If you're confident you can win 5 games in a row on Legend difficulty, then start working on the NAB Cup Pre-Season. If not, and you need more warming up, then aim for the 5 wins on Professional.

Last is the Legend Toyota AFL Premiership Season which you'll need to win in order to unlock the Legendary trophy. This is perhaps the most difficult trophy in the game, so be prepared.

If there's any mopping-up to do, many of the trophies can be earned in the Single Matches. Check out the AFL Live trophy guide links under our Links tab for specific details whichever you're missing at this point.

There is also the Online Player trophy, which requires you to play 5 games online. This can be earned at any time, even in the beginning when your skills aren't yet up to par, as you don't need to actually win. We've included a boosting forum in our Links page if you're having trouble finding online players.

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