Move Fitness Trophy Guide

Move Fitness Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ** Β An exorcise game that uses the PlayStation Move controller with 15 different programs and 28 exorcise mini-games. The difficulty and time required highly depends on your physical condition.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Move Fitness ** 29 Coldwood Interactive Sweden 13 9 6 1 0

Move Fitness

Move Fitness, known as PlayStation Move Fitness in North America as a PSN title, is an exorcise game that uses the PlayStation Move controllers. The game offers 15 programs, each for working on cardio, arms, core, and legs, made up of 28 exorcise mini-games, while also keeping track of your Body Mass Index and weight.

Move Fitness received lukewarm reviews, with an average score of 57%, praised for its accuracy with the Move controllers and getting a good workout, but criticized for a lack of content.

Being an exorcise game, the difficulty and time required all depends on your own physical shape and how much working out you can do at a time. Roughly speaking however, the platinum can be earned in around 10-15 hours.

There is one online trophy, called On The Top!, which involves beating the first person on the online leaderboards. Originally, this trophy would have given this game's difficulty rating a 4-star, as the scores were just too high to beat. However, as of February 2013, the leaderboards are now reset each month, making this trophy much easier.

NOTE: You will need 2 Move controllers to play the game, as well as the Eye Toy.

After unlocking the New Member trophy simply for loading up the game, you'll first want to input all your stats. If you're more in a rush for that Platinum rather than worry about keeping track of your exorcising progress, then set your character to the minimum height and maximum weight, which will create the highest Body Mass Index (BMI) possible. While the game may think you're a whale of a human being, this will help in your progress towards the Big Burner trophy.

Next, you can enter the Workout menu and play through each of the predefined workouts at least once. This will earn you not only the Athlete and Investigator trophies, but a number of others naturally unlocked during your progress.

After that, you can start working on the Goals, which you'll find on the left side of the screen in the main menu. Your ultimate target is the Hard Worker trophy for reaching 50 goals, though you will be unlocking the majority of the trophies naturally as you work towards it.

Then, it's simply a matter of mopping-up anything you're still missing. If you still haven't unlocked the On The Top! trophy for getting to the top of the leaderboards, then simply select an exorcise which has the lowest high score of calories on the leaderboard, and move around while swaying your hands in front of the Eye Toy, rather than actually doing the exorcise.

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