NASCAR Unleashed Trophy Guide

NASCAR Unleashed Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *  An arcade-style racing game licensed by the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. While a few Championships and time trials may prove tricky, the road to the Platinum is short and very doable.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
NASCAR Unleashed * 49 Firebrand Games U.K. 40 5 3 0 0

NASCAR Unleashed

NASCAR Unleashed is an arcade-style racing game, licensed by the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. Players select from 15 real-life NASCAR drivers and race in the Sprint Cup across six locations, within twelve different track layouts.

NASCAR Unleashed received mixed reviews, with an average score of 58%, praised by some for its simplicity as an introduction to racing games, while criticized by others for the same reason, as well as for the lack of online multiplayer.

While this is a high 1-star rating, the difficulty really depends on the player's skills. Those familiar with racing games will probably run through quite easily and unlock the Platinum in under six hours. Players new to the racing genre may find some of the Championship and Time Trials rather tricky, but still quite doable.

Overall, expect between 6-12 hours for the platinum, depending on your racing skills.

NOTE: You will need 2 controllers for some trophies.

The first thing to do is play through Champion Mode. Only completing the primary goals is required to move through and reach the end, unlock the That All You Got? trophy. You'll also unlock a few other trophies naturally along the way. Though we recommend working on completing the challenges as well, and unlocking some specific trophies, while playing through Championship Mode. This will simply cut down on the grinding later on, and save you some time.

Once you've completed Championship Mode, you can head into Quick Race where you'll need to finish a race without coming in 1st place for the Good Effort trophy, and finish 1st for The Real Deal trophy.

Then, plus in a second controller to get the three 2-player trophies, which include Eat My Dust, Friendly Rivalry, and Well Played.

Next is the Time Trials, where you'll need to earn gold in each. This shouldn't be too difficult for seasoned racing-gamers, as most of these are quite easy. Some can be tricky though, so learn when to boost, and drift to build your boost. A simple spin-out or wreck will almost guarantee a loss, so just hit pause and Retry when this happens.

Lastly, simply mop-up any last remaining trophies you still may need at this point. This will probably include grinding for points for unlocking paint colors, or anything else you may have missed.

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