We Dare Trophy Guide

We Dare Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *  A party game made up of risque mini-challenges such as kissing and strip-teasing, using the PlayStation Move controller. An easy game that only requires a few hours, depending on how many Move controllers you have available.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
We Dare * 23 Ubisoft France 7 7 8 0 0

We Dare

We Dare is a party game which makes use of the PlayStation Move controllers. Made up of several mini-games, players attempt to get the higher score through a range of simple quizes and dances, to move risque challenges involving kissing and stripteasing.

Despite the vast amount of controversy surrounding We Dare, such as Youtube blocking any of the game's trailers and not being sold in North America, the game itself is quite tame - the steamy stuff all depends on the players themselves.

We Dare, unless imported, is only available in Europe and Australia.

For more information, check out our We Dare Review.

NOTE: This game requires that you own an Eye Toy and at LEAST 2 Move controllers.

This game shouldn't take more than a few hours to claim the Platinum. However, our 1-star rating is based on the scenario of having 4 Move controllers.

The All Night Long trophy requires you to beat certain target scores. Your score is totaled by the number of players, so 4 Move controllers means 4 players, means a score roughly four times higher than just one player. Still quite possible with three controllers, but extremely difficult with only two. Bottom line, if you want this Platinum easily, either buy, borrow or rent some extra Move controllers if you haven't got enough.

The majority of these trophies center around the mini-games. Start up a 60 minute game, and begin going through attempting to collect as many trophies as you can. You'll probably need a couple playthroughs until you have all of them. Many of the challenges are quite easy, and in fact require you to get BAD scores, so doing nothing is sometimes all that's required for certain trophies. Check out the We Dare trophy guide links under our Links tab for further details.

Once you've collected nearly all the trophies, you'll lastly need the All Night Long trophy, which requires you to beat target scores in the mini games. In the Menu screen, you can see your progress and which scores still need beating. This trophy is the reason why having 3 or 4 Move controllers is almost necessary, as the more Move controllers you have means the more players, which means a higher total score.

Since this game never saw an international release, there are very few guides and walkthroughs available. The good news is, you don't necessarily need them. But we did find a couple, just in case you get stuck.

Here's a great Trophy Guide, by OnceFallen:

And another great Trophy Guide, this one created by dr_mayus:

Finally, here's a basic Trophy List:

We Dare Review

6 / 10 Banzai!s

Put your kids to bed and close your curtains, because it’s time to review the most risque video game ever created: We Dare, for the PlayStation 3.


It must be outrageous, because Ubisoft cancelled its UK release, pulling games from stores hours before it was to go on sale, had no plans for a North American release, de-listed it from their online catalog, and blocked the commercial video from being shown on YouTube. Luckily, you can view to trailer on our Trophy Hunter YouTube Channel Here.


Is this game too sexy to be sold?


We Dare Review


Honestly, no. The commercial is worse than the actual gameplay. If you think holding a PS Move between two people and having them try to push buttons with their faces is risque, then any “spin the bottle” party featuring kissing or five minutes in the closet should be outlawed. If you consider spanking to be inappropriate, baseball and football players should be fined after hitting a home run or scoring a touchdown and then congratulating each other with a manly slap on the rear.


In fact, with over 10 of the mini-games featuring dance numbers, numerous quiz games and a fair amount of sports mini-games, there is very little sexual about We Dare, except maybe the song lyrics. “Sex Bomb” by Tom Jones, “I’m Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred, and “You Sexy Thing” by Hot Chocolate are as bad as it gets.


There is one mini-game where you sneak out of a penthouse apartment (presumably after doing the dirty deed, but again that is merely implied) when the spouse comes home. One player shines the flashlight while the other puts the controller in their back pocket and squats repeatedly to reach the ground.


That pole-dancing strip tease you see in the commercial? That is not in the final version of the PS3 game. (I have not tested the Wii version to find out.)


At the end of the day, the official rating from PEGI (the Pan European Game Information) is a 12 and the ACB (Australian Classification Board) is PG


OK, we get it, it’s not nearly as improper as everyone is lead to believe. Is there an actual game to be played?


We Dare Review


The answer is yes, and it is as fun as any Wii Sports or Rock Band game set up for a house party. In the dance numbers and a few other games, you use the controller to mimic the actions represented on the screen. There are other quirky games, such as “Blind as a Bat,” in which you are supposed to be blindfolded and another player watches the screen and tells you what you are supposed to be doing. And there is even the “Love Wheel,” a game in which – don’t tell the parents – you put the controller between two people while they HUG and lean to place the wheel in the appropriate position on screen.


Each standard game consists of three rounds and the number of games varies from 3-5 depending ont he number of people playing and/or game duration you select (from 20 to 60 minutes). After each mini-game you reply to a question or statement, for example “Loud Music” with the options “Turn it up, it’s a party!” or Keep it down, I’m trying to sleep.” The game uses this to pair up players at the end of the game to see who would make the best couple.


This is definitely NOT a single player game, though having four PS Moves will benefit trophy hunters. The game scores based on the number of players involved, so “the more the merrier” as they say. When you beat the target score for all mini-games, you get a gold trophy, which is probably the last one you need at that point.


Overall, We Dare is a fun little party game that is not meant to be played alone, and is nowhere near as sexual as it is made out to be. It is an uncommon find, so get it as soon as you can.


Note that it is a PAL game, but it will play on your PlayStation 3 provided you have an HD 1080 capable TV.


Fun: 7/10

Graphics: 5/10

Sound: 7/10

Replay Value: 7.5/10

Trophy Difficulty: 2/10 (with four Move controllers)

Collector’s Value: 8/10


written by Benjamin Adkins