Deformers To Be Delayed

DeformersReady at Dawn Studios has just announced that their physics-based combat game, titled Deformers, will be delayed. The original release date was scheduled for February 14.

“The purpose of these [alpha and technical tests] was to hammer on our updated network infrastructure and to get outside eyes on this wacky game we’ve been developing – there’s a lot of ‘firsts’ for us when it comes to Deformers: online multiplayer, game modes, matchmaking, squichy lil’ pugs, and more!” Ready at Dawn stated on their website.

“The feedback and data we’ve gathered over the past few weeks we’ve been playing together has been incredibly valuable and insightful; it’s also halped us to make the tough call on slightly delaying the February 14 launch of Deformers so we can spend more time addressing your feedback and ensuring that we deliver the best gameplay experience possible. This extra time will also provide even more opportunities to gather additional feedback and invite others to try out Deformers.”

As of yet, no new release date for Deformers has been announced.