PlayStation Plus Free Games: February 2017

At long last, Sony has unveiled the free-to-play games for PlayStation Plus members for this month, which will become available for download on Tuesday, February 7.


For the PlayStation 4, there’s LittleBigPlanet 3, the creative platformer where Sackboy must join forces with three new friends in order to stop Newton from destroying the creative world. Like previous games in the series, players can also create and upload their own levels, as well as play the millions of user-created levels online. Also, there’s Not a Hero, a third-person shooter where BunnyLord travels back in time in order to save the future from an alien invasion.


On the PlayStation 3, there’s Starwhal, the indie game by Breakfall where players control a Space Narwhal to battle against friends, NPCs, or compete in challenges. Starwhal is also a cross-plat with the PS4. And Anna: Extended Edition, a psychological horror puzzle game taking place in an abandoned sawmill where players must find clues and solve puzzles in order to learn of the character’s dark secrets.


And lastly, for the PlayStation Vita, there’s Ninja Senki DX, the indie game originally released on the PC in 2010, where Hayate is seeking revenge for the death of his lover at the hands of an evil ninja, in this 2D platformer. Ninja Senki DX is also a cross-plat on the PS4 and PS3. And finally, there’s TorqueL, the side-scrolling puzzle platformer where you must control a box in order to guide the man trapped inside. TorqueL is also a cross-plat with the PS4.


Among the free titles this month, only LittleBigPlanet 3 and Starwhal have Platinum trophies to unlock. It should also be noted that LittleBigPlanet 3 has three online trophies, and the online servers in the Japanese region have been closed, while other regions are still temporarily safe. The Platinum for Starwhal is a bit challenging, but still doable for average gamers and requiring roughly 20 hours of gameplay. Also, unlocking 100% of the trophies for Anna: Extended Edition is quite easy with a guide and 8 hours of gameplay, as is TorqueL with about 18 hours of gameplay.