Mr. Massagy Trophy Guide

Mr. Massagy trophy guide

Difficulty: *
A visual novel and dating simulation game, with an easy Platinum that can be unlocked in 20 minutes.


Mr. Massagy Trophy Guide


Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Mr. Massagy * 34 Green Lava Studios Costa Rica 16 12 5 0 0


Mr. Massagy

Mr. Massagy is a visual novel and dating simulation where the player-character named Johnny uses a dating site to select among nine bachelorettes. Dates are presented as text and images in which the player must select an appropriate reply to the bachelorette's question or statement. The date is then rated and, if successful, a massage is presented to the player through the controller's vibration function.

Mr. Massagy received widely mixed reviews with an average score of 71%, praised by some for its humor, absurdity, and labeled as being a satire on both video games and dating services, while criticized by some for being too short and lacking any depth.

From the developers of My Name is Mayo comes another ridiculously quick and easy platinum. Mr. Massagy is a visual novel which simply involves selecting appropriate responses while on dates. Following one of the Mr. Massagy trophy guide or walkthrough links under our Links tab will earn you the full three stars required for each date, and eventually the platinum.

If following a walkthrough, the platinum should only take 20 minutes of your time.

You'll first want to start by dating each of the nine bachelorettes, with the ultimate goal of achieving three stars on each. Doing this legitimately won't take very long, but if you're in a rush for that platinum, check out the walkthroughs under our Links tab and follow the instructions to achieve the three stars. There are also some profile related and miscellaneous trophies that can be unlocked either now, or later.

Once you've gotten three stars on all nine bachelorettes, you'll have unlocked S.O.N.I.A. Go on a date with her and achieve a three-star rating to obtain both the Hackerbruh! and Bytes All Over You! trophies.

After that, simply mop-up any remaining trophies, and you've got another platinum under your best. Be sure to check out the Mr. Massagy trophy guide links under our Links tab to see what you still need and their requirements.