WRC 5 Trophy Guide PS4

WRC 5 Trophy Guide

WRC 5 Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ** ย Easier than most racing games, requiring roughly 20 hours of gameplay. Includes 4 online trophies.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
WRC 5 ** 38 Kylotonn France 26 7 4 4 0


WRC 5 is a racing game based on the 2015 World Rally Championship. The game features 65 stages across 13 countries over a variety of environments and weather conditions, such as tarmac, ice, rain, and lightning storms, that can affect the physics of driving. Players can select from over 20 cars, which are available for fine-tuning. The game also includes online multiplayer.

WRC 5 received relatively positive reviews with an average score of 66%, praised for its variety of routes, fun arcade-like style driving, and graphics, but criticized for its technical bugs and overall feeling of being a rushed product.

As far as racing games go, WRC 5 is not a particularly difficult one. Settings can be adjusted to Easy, and many of the trophies are straight forward. Three playthroughs in the Career mode are required, as well as a few miscellaneous trophies that can be mopped up in Quick Play. There are 4 online trophies, though three are for simply playing the Special Stages, and only one requires an actual win. Boosting can be done in private matches.

Expect less than 20 hours for the Platinum trophy.

NOTE: The trophies on the PS4 version have a separate list than those on the PS3, as well as on the PSVita.

It should be noted from the beginning that, if you wish to make things easier, head into Gameplay Settings and switch the game to Easy. You can also adjust the Driving Style to whatever you feel more comfortable with.

It should also be noted that the latest patch stops the DNF Glitch from allowing players to select Give Up after the start of a race and having it count as completed. If you wish to save some time, then avoid downloading the latest patch. Then first go after the Winner, Well Done, Around The World, Explorer, Rally Driver, Mechanic, Ready At Dawn, Specialist, Bring It On, and Couch Serfer trophies. After unlocking these trophies, go ahead and download the latest patch, then continue with the game. Using the DNF Glitch will save roughly 3-4 hours of gameplay.

The Career Mode is where you'll be putting in most of your hours. Simply do your best at winning each of the races, so as to avoid having to replay the season, and you should be fine. Overall the races are not too difficult, particularly for those with experience in racing games. For more details, check out the WRC 5 trophy guide links under our Links tab if you need extra help.

At any point, you can head into multiplayer where you'll need to play 10 Special Stages for the Online Visitor, Online Tourist, and Online Regular trophies, as well as win a Special Stage for the Online Victory trophy. If you prefer, these can be boosted in private matches. Check out the boosting forums under our Links tab to find a boosting partner if you wish.

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