Destiny Trophy Guide

Destiny Trophy Guide

Destiny Trophy Guide. Difficulty: **** Β The majority of the trophies are not difficult, though a few are challenging enough to mark the Platinum trophy as difficult to obtain.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Destiny **** 42 Bungie U.S. 26 13 2 41 19


Destiny is a massively multiplayer online, first-person shooter, developed by Bungie which has previously created the Halo series, exclusive to the Xbox. Players select from three classes and three races, visit various locations on Earth and other nearby planets, while taking part in story campaigns, team-based Raids, and various forms of player-versus-player matches.

Set in the 28th century, the story takes place after the end of a Golden Age in which humans began colonizing planets in the solar system through help by an alien being known as the Traveler. Now humans are on the bring of extinction after the coming of the Darkness, and are beginning to fight back.

Destiny received mostly positive reviews, with an average score of 78%, praised for its graphics and exciting gameplay, but criticized for a lackluster story and repetitive missions.

Aside from being extremely time consuming, the trophies also require you to be good at PvP multiplayer, as well as getting out there and making friends. Unlike other MMOs such as Defiance or DC Universe Online, you cannot breeze through on your own. Raids, for example, require you to have six players in your fireteam, which you must organize yourself.

The Flawless Raider trophy in particular, is what really brings this difficulty up to a 4-star, as you must complete a Raid without anyone in your team dying. This is no cakewalk.

You can expect well over a hundred hours to claim this platinum, depending on your skills and the skills of your teammates.

NOTE: The Trophies on the PS3 share the same list as those on the PS4

Being an MMO, there is no specific roadmap towards getting the platinum. All the main story missions can be revisited, which will be necessary when playing with all three classes. In the beginning, you'll be playing through the story, leveling up and improving your equipment, while completing Bounties and taking part in PvP matches. It's also a good idea as your character starts getting stronger, to get social and make some friends, whom you can team together in the coming Strike and Raids missions.

Bounties are a useful way to gain XP. Since they reset every 24 hours, and you can only add 5 bounties at a time, only select the ones you feel confident in achieving.

Eventually, once you're strong enough, you can start on the Strikes and work towards maxing out your Vanguard score. Destiny was designed to be co-operative, and remaining silent during the Strikes may lead to a poor experience. The more you co-ordinate with you teammates, the easier the missions.

Eventually, once you reach level 26, you will be able to engage in the Raids. These do not have a matchmaking system, which means you will need to find five other players on your own. If you've been making friends this whole time, this shouldn't be a problem. Otherwise, check out the forums in our Links page. The Flawless Raider trophy is by far the most difficult in the game, which requires you to complete a Raid without you or any of your teammates dying. Again, co-ordinating with your fireteam is the key, aside from skills and being careful.

By this point, once you have the Flawless Raider trophy, you can rest easy. The remaining trophies will require some farming and grinding.

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