Minecraft Trophy Guide

Minecraft Trophy Guide

Minecraft Trophy Guide.  Difficulty: **  Not particularly difficult, but can be very time consuming – especially if you’re starting from scratch.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Minecraft ** 29 Mojang / 4J Studios Sweden 11 11 6 0 52


Minecraft is an open-world indie game, first released on the PC in 2009, and ported onto the PS3 in 2013, then finally released on the PS4 in September 2014. Rather than possessing a story or end goal, the game focuses on creating and building, as well as mining for materials and exploring the world, with a few enemy battles.

Players mine for blocks of wood, stone, dirt, and other materials which can be freely placed to create homes, buildings, and even towns. Animals can be raised, and farms can be harvested to collect variations of food. Health can be depleted by dropping from a high point, or when attacked by a spawned enemy, and replenished by eating enough food. The game is set in real-time, allowing for daylight to work outside and night in which enemies spawn.

When first released on the PC, Minecraft was both a commercial and critical success, with an average score of 89& for its creative freedom, complex crafting system, and nostalgic 8-bit like feel.

If you happen to play Minecraft on the PlayStation 3, you'll notice the PlayStation 4 version has an extra 22 trophies. None of these are particularly more or less challenging than the original 28 trophies, which is why both versions have the same 2-star rating.

Also, if you happened to acquire the platinum or most of the trophies on the PS3 version, you can upload your world to the PS4 and easily obtain some of the same trophies. This includes traveling 500m by minecart if you still have the tracks laid out, or "killing" the Enderdragon simply by going in and out of the End Portal if you've already done so on the PS3.

If you're starting this game from scratch, then expect anywhere between 60-80 hours to obtain the platinum. However, if you've already put in the work on the PS3 version, or have friends with worlds that you can jump in and earn the trophies, these hours can be greatly reduced.

NOTE: The Trophies on the PS3 version have a separate list than those on the PS4.

Since this game is an open-world and without any story, there is no roadmap required. The only thing we can recommend, if you're in a rush for that platinum, is to start your game in Tutorial mode. Not only will this teach you the basics of the game, but locations of items, etc. will not be randomly generated, making it easier to find things based on the trophy guides in our Links page.

If you have a friend, then playing either split-screen or online co-op can save time, such as mining for ore to build the railroad for the On A Rail trophy, which is by far the most time consuming trophy in the game.

A few other tips: Remember to save just before attempting a trophy, such as Sniper Duel in which you need to kill a skeleton from 50 meters away. That way, if you fail, you can simply reload and try again, without wasting your arrows.

Also, it's possible to farm for items by exiting the game without saving, and reloading. This comes in handy when finding Ender Eyes or befriending five wolves for the Leader Of The Pack trophy.

Have fun!

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