Minecraft Trophy Guide PS4

Minecraft Trophy Guide

Minecraft Trophy Guide.  Difficulty: **  Not particularly difficult, but can be very time consuming – especially if you’re starting from scratch.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Minecraft ** 51 Mojang / 4J Studios Sweden 42 5 3 0 30

Minecraft PS4

Minecraft is an open-world indie game, first released on the PC in 2009, and ported onto the PS3 in 2013, then finally released on the PS4 in September 2014. Rather than possessing a story or end goal, the game focuses on creating and building, as well as mining for materials and exploring the world, with a few enemy battles.

Players mine for blocks of wood, stone, dirt, and other materials which can be freely placed to create homes, buildings, and even towns. Animals can be raised, and farms can be harvested to collect variations of food. Health can be depleted by dropping from a high point, or when attacked by a spawned enemy, and replenished by eating enough food. The game is set in real-time, allowing for daylight to work outside and night in which enemies spawn.

When first released on the PC, Minecraft was both a commercial and critical success, with an average score of 89& for its creative freedom, complex crafting system, and nostalgic 8-bit like feel.

If you happen to play Minecraft on the PlayStation 3, you'll notice the PlayStation 4 version has an extra 22 trophies. None of these are particularly more or less challenging than the original 28 trophies, which is why both versions have the same 2-star rating.

Also, if you happened to acquire the platinum or most of the trophies on the PS3 version, you can upload your world to the PS4 and easily obtain some of the same trophies. This includes traveling 500m by minecart if you still have the tracks laid out, or "killing" the Enderdragon simply by going in and out of the End Portal if you've already done so on the PS3.

If you're starting this game from scratch, then expect anywhere between 60-80 hours to obtain the platinum. However, if you've already put in the work on the PS3 version, or have friends with worlds that you can jump in and earn the trophies, these hours can be greatly reduced.

NOTE: The Trophies on the PS4 have a separate list than those on the PS3.

As we mentioned before, if you happen to have the PS3 version and have already put in the hours to unlock most of the trophies, you can upload your world to the PS4 and easily unlock some of the more time consuming trophies. This includes the On A Rail trophy for riding a minecart for 500m in one direction, the two trophies related to entering and killing the Enderdragon in the End Portal (if the Enderdragon is already dead, you simply need to jump through the portal which respawns you in your bed to unlock the trophy) as well as a few other trophies, such as collecting diamonds and having so much cobblestone in your chest.

If you're playing the game from scratch, there is a valuable duplication trick you can use. Any items you want duplicated - whether it be Ender Eyes or minecraft tracks - keep them in your inventory. Make sure the Autosave is On. After the saving icon appears in the top-right corner, put the items into a chest, then exit the game by holding the PlayStation button and closing the application. When you restart the game, your items will be in both your inventory, and a second set in the chest. This is extremely useful when going for the On The Rail, The End? and The End. trophies, which require a lot of tracks and Ender Eyes.

Many of the additional 22 trophies in the PS4 version are not too difficult. Just check out the trophy guides and videos we've posted in the Links page to see what you need to do.

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