Sacred 2 Fallen Angel Trophy Guide

Sacred 2 Fallen Angel Trophy Guide

Sacred 2 Fallen Angel Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ***  Not super hard, but extremely time consuming. Will probably need to find boosting partners for the 3 online Trophies.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Sacred 2: Fallen Angel *** 49 Ascaron Germany 34 12 2 3 0

Sacred 2 Fallen Angel

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is a hack n' slash action adventure with RPG elements, the second title in the Sacred series, and a prequel to the original 2004 Sacred. The Campaign is divided into the Light and Shadow path, with choices made by the player affecting the goal of the character. Players can select from seven different classes, with modifications to the use of mounts, weapons, and equipment. The game also includes online multiplayer, including "hot-swapping" where players can hop from a single player to online, and back.

Taking place 2,000 years prior to the vents of the original Sacred title, a power struggle is ensuing among two factions within the High Elves over the control of T-Energy, the source of all life and magic. As other races engage in this conflict for dominance, the result is an alteration of the T-Energy into a destructive force that is razing cities and mutating creatures.

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel received mixed reviews with an average score of 73%, praised for its multiplayer functions and world map design, though criticized for its lack in character design, as well as technical glitches.

This is a high 3-star rating. The game is not super difficult, but extremely time consuming. A minimum of two playthroughs are required, though most likely you will need at least three or four. The 3 online trophies are easy enough, though given the age of the game, will be difficult to unlock without finding some boosting partners.

Overall, expect roughly 150-200 hours for the Platinum, depending on whether or not you are boosting.

Start by selecting a class you feel comfortable with, and begin your first playthrough on Bronze difficulty. There are three missable trophies, and we recommend getting these out of the way during your first playthrough. This includes the Dedicated trophy for completing the game with less than 20% of the map explored, the Scrooge trophy for completing the main quest without buying anything from merchants, and the Survivalist trophy for completing the campaign without dying. Survivalist can be tricky, so make sure to play cautiously, and perhaps back up your save file on a USB flash drive which you can reload if necessary.

Next, is a second playthrough on Silver difficulty. Also, play a different path (Light or Shadow) than your previous playthrough to unlock whichever of the two trophies you're still missing. If you weren't able to get any of the three previously mentioned missable trophies before, than now's your chance. Also, try to use this playthrough to collect as many of the trophies as you can.

Next, is your Gold difficulty playthrough. If there are any other miscellaneous trophies you're still missing, try to use this playthrough to mop-up everything left remaining. Be sure to check out the Sacred 2 Fallen Angel trophy guide links under our Links tab to see what you're missing and their requirements.

And last, begin your Platinum difficulty playthrough. Hopefully you've completed all the other trophies by now, so you can simply ignore the side quests and rush through the campaign. Once you've completed this playthrough, start a new game on Niob to unlock the Legendary Toughness trophy.

Finally, hop online to unlock the three online trophies: Hospitable for hosting a multiplayer game, Hawker for trading something with another player, and Group Hug for playing with three other players. After that, if you're missing anything else, such as reaching Level 15 with any other alignments, now's the time to mop those up and enjoy your new Platinum.