No Man’s Sky Trophy Guide

No Man's Sky Trophy Guide

No Man’s Sky Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ** Β All Trophies are online, though no boosting is required. Not a difficult Platinum, only very time consuming.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
No Man’s Sky ** 23 Hello Games U.K. 6 8 8 22 5

No Man’s Sky

No Man's Sky is a first-person adventure exploration game, with some survival elements. Played online, the game procedurally generates all star systems and planets which the player-character can visit and explore, as well as each planet's ecosystem, fauna, flora, artificial structures, aliens, and spacecraft. Players find and gather materials on several planets or by blasting meteors in space, in order to recharge their tools, life-support systems, ship shields, engines, and weapons, as well as upgrade and modify their tech. In addition, players earn Units for discovering locations, creatures, and plant life which can be used for purchasing materials or upgrades. The game also includes some space combat, the ability to name all discovered creatures and locations, and learning alien languages to improve communication and interaction.

The player-character, known only as The Traveller, awakens on a random planet after crashing the spacecraft. An entity named "The Atlas" guides the Traveller towards repairing the spacecraft, then towards the ultimate destination: the centre of the galaxy.

No Man's Sky received widely mixed reviews, with an average score of 70%, praised for its originality and technical achievements, though criticized for its repetitive gameplay and lacking certain content that had been expected upon release.

There's nothing particularly difficult with unlocking the platinum for No Man's Sky. The game simply requires time and patience. While you'll only need to go out of your way for a few trophies, the majority of them will come to you naturally during your progression. The game is one giant, long playthrough as you make your way towards the centre of the galaxy - and completing this isn't even necessary for the platinum.

Expect roughly 30-45 hours of gameplay, depending on your luck at finding and scanning 100% of the creatures on several planets.

All the trophies in No Man's Sky can be separated into 8 categories: scanning animals, using warp drive, obtaining units, learning words, meeting aliens, destroying enemy ships, surviving a planet with extreme conditions, and travelling on foot. Each of these eight categories have their own gold trophy, and going after these eight told trophies will earn you all the other trophies - and therefore the Platinum - in the process.

Most of these gold trophies can be earned naturally during your progress through the game. The only exception is The Sentinel trophy, which requires surviving 32 continuous days on a planet with extreme conditions. Since this is continuous, you cannot die nor leave the planet by heading into orbit. Yet, the trophy is very easy to unlock. First, make sure you're well-stocked in either plutonium, carbon, or Thamium9 in order to be able to charge your life-support system. Then, find yourself a planet with "extreme conditions," which means either Extreme weather conditions, or Aggressive sentinels, which will be written in red when you first land on the planet and exit your ship. Once discovered, land your ship near a structure which you can safely hide inside. Then wait until 32 sols have passed, thereby unlocking the trophy. This will take roughly 8 hours real-time, and remember to recharge your life-support when necessary. Unlocking The Sentinel gold trophy will also give you the Stranger In A Strange Land silver trophy.

Also, if you're in a rush for the Citizen Of The Galaxy gold trophy for learning 150 alien words, here's an easy way to grind: Start with some Carbon in your inventory. After speaking with either a Gek or Korvax alien, pay him 20 Carbon to open another dialogue. Select the "Request new word" option. Then, speak to him again and select either "Request fuel" or "Request isotope," which will basically give you back your Carbon. The next dialogue will either be to request healing or shield recharge. Then again, request either fuel or isotope. Then finally, it will loop back to "Request new word." Continue doing this, until you've learned 150 alien words, thereby unlocking the Citizen Of The Galaxy trophy (which will also award you plenty of Carbon in the process!). Unlocking this trophy will also unlock The Languages Of Pao silver trophy, and the Babel-17 bronze trophy in the process.

The most frustrating and time-consuming trophy however, will be the Galapagos gold trophy, for having scanned 100% of all animals on a total of 10 planets. Here are a few tips to help you: * Don't bother with planets that are low on flora or fauna, or have water. * Once you land on a spot that already has some animals running about, STAY THERE! Do not get back in your ship. Instead, wander around on foot, searching until you've found and scanned 100% of the animals. Otherwise, each time you fly to a another area, the game will require time to spawn those creatures. * Some animals only come out at night, so if there are some you can't find in the daytime, wait until the sun is down. * If it's been awhile and you're still having trouble finding those last one or two animals, try exiting and reloading the game. Sometimes this will cause the game to spawn what you're looking for. * Finally, we recommend not wasting too much time on one planet. If it's been over an hour of searching for that last animal, then maybe just try another planet. Once you've found 100% of the animals on 10 different planets, you will unlock the Galapagos gold trophy, as well as The Star Beast silver trophy, and A Scanner Darkly bronze trophy in the process.

Lastly, regarding The Diamond Age gold trophy for having accumulated a total of 2 million Units, this number must be, unfortunately, all at once. So we recommend holding off on spending Units for upgrades until you've reached the 2 million Units mark and unlocked the trophy.

Otherwise, everything else will come naturally as you play. Walk around as much as you can on foot, destroy enemy ships whenever you encounter them, speak with every alien you run into, and keep warping to different systems until you've got the platinum. Happy exploring!

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