Resident Evil 5 Trophy Guide PS4

Resident Evil 5 Trophy Guide

Resident Evil 5 Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *** Β The game requires several playthroughs, including one on its most difficult mode. Also lots of collectibles to find.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Resident Evil 5 *** 51 Capcom Japan 38 11 1 0 20

Resident Evil 5 PS4

Resident Evil 5 - or Biohazard 5, as it's known in Japan - continues the third-person action horror series which began on the first PlayStation One in 1996. The game was first released on the PlayStation 3 in March 2009, and ported onto the PlayStation 4 in June 2016.

Chris Redfield, now part of Bioterrism Security Assessment Alliance, is sent to Kijuju in Africa. There, he is paired with Seva Alomar to stop Ricardo Irving from selling bio-organic weapons on the black market. However, they soon learn that the BSAA's Alpha team are dead, and that the locals have turned into Majini. During their escape, Chris finds evidence that his former partner, Jill Valentine, is still alive, and that Albert Wesker may be involved with what's happening in Africa.

Though having been questioned for possibly possessing racist undertones, Resident Evil 5 scored highly in most gaming magazines and websites, with an average rating of 83% for its fast-paced action and stellar graphics, though criticized for the single player AI.

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This game requires several playthroughs, some farming for money in order to upgrade weapons, and even online play in order to collect points used to purchase the infinite ammo.

Also, if you're playing by yourself - good luck! When your partner Sheva becomes an NPC, she turns into a complete retard - uses healing when it's not necessary, running in front of enemies to collect gold, and standing there doing nothing while a swarm of monsters are coming at you. It's not only possible to play this game as two-player split screen (or online co-op) it's also highly recommended!

The Platinum is certainly possible in this game. Just don't expect to get it over night.

NOTE: The Trophies on the PS4 version have a separate list than those on the PS3.

As mentioned earlier, this game will require several playthroughs - not to mention some farming.

Use the walkthroughs in our Links section to help locate all the treasures, BSAA emblems, and all 4 types of eggs.

Next, focus on purchasing all the figurines, and upgrading all your weapons. You'll need lots of cash for this, so we recommend playing on Stage 5-1. Select the Magnum (infinite ammo helps) and play through to the animal cages in the underground lab, where you'll be attacked by several Lickers - which drop Lion Heart gems worth $10,000. Immediately after killing the Lickers, save and quit your game. Each time you return, you'll be right back with the Lickers. Keep farming until you have enough money to upgrade all your weapons.

If you're interested in getting the infinite ammo for all your weapons - and so are in need of points - we recommend playing the Survival online game. Simply go through with a friend or stranger, and as long as you don't die, you'll collect a heap of points which can be used to unlock the infinite ammo.

Clearing the game on Professional will probably be one of the last trophies to collect. This is not easy! Many of the majini will kill you with one hit. The rocket launcher with infinite ammo is highly recommended, as is the Magnum, and playing with a friend rather than with Sheva as an NPC.

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