Thief Trophy Guide

Thief Trophy Guide

Thief Trophy Guide. Difficulty: * Β Requires at least two playthroughs, one on Master difficulty, with collectibles to find. The Platinum is more time-consuming than difficult.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Thief ** 38 Eidos Montreal / Square Enix Canada / Japan 24 8 5 0 0


Thief is a stealth game, and is both the fourth title and a reboot of the Thief series which began in 1998 on the PC. The game takes place in "The City," a world that draws on Victorian, gothic, and steampunk themes. While focusing on stealing from the rich, players may fulfill their tasks through a number of means, such as by taking down enemies, or hiding.

Garrett is a master thief, who pairs up with Erin, his former apprentice, after accepting the same job from their contact. However, all is not what it seems when the job leads them to a mysterious ritual that eventually leads to a lock-down on the city.

Thief received mixed reviews, with an average score of 71%, praised for its graphics, level design and stealth gameplay, but criticized for its story and voice acting.

For an average player, the game is not particularly difficult, only time consuming. You'll most likely need two playthroughs, one on Master difficulty, as well as find a number of collectibles. One of those playthroughs will require a minimum of 15 hours to unlock a particularly trophy.

Overall, while nothing too frustrating, expect 35-40 hours of gameplay for this one.

NOTE: The Trophies on the PS4 have a separate list than those on the PS3.

While it's possible to jump into Master difficulty from the start, we found it easier to begin your playthrough on an easier setting, then do a second playthrough on Master.

During your first playthrough, your main goal will be accumulating over 15 hours of gameplay to unlock the More Heist Less Speed trophy. As a result, we recommend you take all the time you need to finish your game. This of course provides ample opportunity to find all the collectibles in each chapter, the secret areas, and unlocking any other miscellaneous trophies such as for pick-pocketing 100 guards. Make sure you've unlocked the More Heist Less Speed trophy before deciding to finish the game.

Once you've finished the playthrough, you'll enter a free-roam. Here, you can mop-up any other trophies you may have missed, which may include Finders Keepers for all the collectibles, spending 40,000 gold for Cache Dispenser, or any other miscellaneous ones.

Next, if you've taken our advice up till now, then you'll have the Master Custom difficulty playthrough to do. Here, you'll want to avoid using focus, as well as performing any knockouts or kills, in order to unlock Moral Victory and Clear Headed, as well as of course Hard Times for completing the game on Master, and Something To Prove for completing a custom difficulty of 700 points or more.

If all goes well, then you should have the Modesty Denied trophy left to unlock. This involves scoring at least 5 million points in a Challenge Map. This trophy isn't too hard. Simply check out some of the video presentations in our Links page to see how it's done, if you're having trouble.

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