Toy Story To Join Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts III

Square Enix has just released a trailer which reveals Pixar’s Toy Story joining Kingdom Hearts III.


Sora and friends will be able to venture to the world of Toy Story, where they can meet up with Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and other characters from the Toy Story series. This will be the first time a Pixar location is featured in a Kingdom Heartsgame.



“At long last, we are excited to open up the Kingdom Hearts universe to include the world of Disney Pixar’s Toy Story,” stated Tetsuya Nomura, director of the Kingdom Hearts series. “I’m sure fans have been anticipating the inclusion of this world for many years. The Narrative will be an original story exclusive to Kingdom Hearts III, and the gameplay will feel charactersitic of the Toy Story style and aesthetic.”


The provided trailer reveals not only cutscenes, but some gameplay as well.


In other news, a release window has also been announced. Kingdom Hearts III will be released sometime in 2018, for both the PlayStation 4and Xbox One.


Kingdom Hearts is an action-RPG series and a crossover with Disney Interactive Studios and Square Enix, centering around the character Sora who interacts with characters from both the Disney franchise, and Final Fantasy and The World Ends with You characters. The first Kingdom Hearts title was released in March 2002 on the PlayStation 2.