Bioshock Trophy Guide PS4

Bioshock Trophy Guide

Bioshock Trophy Guide. Difficulty: **  A first-person survival horror shooter. Plenty of collectibles to find, and will most likely require two playthroughs.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Bioshock ** 54 Irrational Games U.S. 48 2 3 0 12


Bioshock is a first-person survival horror shooter with science-fiction elements, originally released on the PC and Xbox 360 in August of 2007, and ported over a year later on the PlayStation 3. Ken Levine, the creative lead for Irrational Games, based the story's philosophy on Ayn Rand's ideas on Objectivism.

Taking place in 1960, the protagonist, Jack, is on-board a plane when it crashes into the ocean. After swimming to a nearby lighthouse, he finds a bathysphere terminus which takes him down to Rapture - an underwater city created as an isolated utopia where science known no boundary, now crumbling into a nightmare plagued by crazed superhumans and robot-like Big Daddies. Players make use of several types of weapons, as well as an assortment of powers which can be upgraded.

Bioshock received some of the highest reviews for any video game, with an average score of 97%, praised for its original and intriguing story, fantastic visuals, overall atmosphere, and its morality-based gameplay, which was considered fresh and original at the time.

The platinum can be obtained in one playthrough, though many will probably aim for two. The game must be finished on its hardest difficulty setting, a playthrough with the Vita Chambers (similar to checkpoints) switched off, and all the collectibles found.

With no online trophies to worry about, the game is not exceptionally difficult. Depending on whether you chose to first play on its hardest difficulty setting or not, the platinum can be obtained anywhere between 10 to 20 hours.

There are two ways of going about this platinum: the easy and long way, or the hard ans short way. If you chose hard and short, then you'll want to select Survivor mode as your first playthrough, and make sure to deactivate the Vita Chambers in the options menu. The Vita Chambers act like checkpoints which you'll return to when you die. With this option turned off, you'll want to save often, especially if you're playing on Surivor mode.

From here on out, follow one of the walkthroughs in our Links page to find all the collectibles along the way. If you miss any, it's possible to return to earlier locations before you take on the final boss. Once you step through that door, however, you'll need to replay the game to find anything you missed.

If you're doing this the easy and long way, then simply select the easiest mode, and play through with the Vita Chambers switched off. Attempt to find all the collectibles and majority of the trophies during this playthrough. This way, you can utilize the Vita Chambers and simply focus on getting through the game when you replay on Survivor mode.

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