Dragon Age II Trophy Guide

Dragon Age II Trophy Guide

Dragon Age II Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ***  An action RPG and sequel to the 2009 Dragon Age: Origins. Time consuming with a few tricky Trophies that require some strategy, though overall doable for any average gamer.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Dragon Age II *** 51 BioWare Canada 34 15 1 0 15

Dragon Age II

A sequel to Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age II is an RPG in which the player can select a character based on three classes, build up members in the party, and take on the forces of darkness.

The main character is Hawke, who has fled Lothering after its demise and taken refuge in the city of Kirkwall. Spanning across a decade, Hawke attempts to raise his family's status from refugee by assisting in several quests and a journey into the dark roads, act as a mediator for the Qunari people, and handle the heated disputes between mages and the Chantry.

Dragon Age II has received relatively high praise, with an average score of 85%.

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While given the same 3-star rating as its predecessor, Dragon Age II is much easier to platinum than Origins. If you have a completed save on your PS3 for Dragon Age: Origins, you can load it into Dragon Age II, thereby acquiring the Epic trophy - and only requiring one full playthrough. The rest is simply mopping up trophies throughout the game.

The trophy Supplier can be a bit of a pain, as you need to locate EVERY variety of every crafting item - and they aren't as plentiful as they were in Origins. But by using the guides in our Links page, it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

If you're in a rush to collect the platinum, make sure you upload a previous save from Dragon Age: Origins (if you have one) so as to unlock the Epic trophy at the end of the game. Pay special attention to collecting all crafting items and recipes along the way (see our guides and walkthroughs in the Links page for more information) as well as all the secret messages from the Band of Three for the Archeologist trophy, and all chapters for the Chantry Historian trophy. Also, while assuming a romantic relationship with one character (which will also earn you the Friend trophy) you must make sure at least 3 other characters like you, and keep one as a rival - or vice versa.

If you've managed to collect all those necessary trophies during your first playthrough, then all you will need is Mass Exodus (which is simply playing the intro with all three classes - Mage, Warrior and Rogue) and either Mercenary or Nefarious (depending on who you sided with in your last playthrough) and either Arcane Defender or Mage Hunter (depending again, on decisions earlier). Once all that's done, the platinum's yours!