Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection Trophy Guide

Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection Trophy Guide

Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection Trophy Guide. Difficulty: * Β A compilation of games from the SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive, featuring Sonic, Altered Beasts, Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, and more. A few tricky trophies, but overall a quick and easy Platinum.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection * 35 Backbone Entertainment U.S. 17 13 4 0 0

Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection

Also known as Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection in its PAL format, the game is a grand compilation of Genesis/Mega Drive games - a total of 48, with a few unlockable 8-bit Sega games and arcade versions. Interviews with the original designers are also included, once unlocked. A great game for those wishing to relieve their childhood gaming days, or wish to see what gaming was like back in the '90's.

Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection received high praise for its presentation and large collection of great games, with an average rating of 90% by most online magazines.

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With a collection of 48 nostalgic Genesis games, these trophies could have been time consuming (eg. One earned for completing each game) but instead the developers decided to simplify things.

There is a trophy related to nearly each game, and almost all of them are easy challenges which can be completed in the first few levels. The 1-star rating is due to its time consumption, which is definitely under 10 hours.

NOTE: Two controllers are required for one of the Trophies.

Nearly every game has its own particular challenge for unlocking a trophy. Level selects and cheat codes are available (see the guides in our Links page) which do not disable trophies. Also, each game allows up to 3 slots for saving, which can be useful during your trophy hunting. No trophies are missable, and you can select each game in any order.

For Blast Processing, you simply have to watch the Sega logo appear to count as having "played the game" - but each game must be loaded in ONE sitting!

No Life requires you to at least START each video unlocked, before exiting out.

And except for one challenge, all the unlockables needed for the Master The System coincide with the trophies - just hit the triangle button on the main screen to see a checklist of what you need to unlock.

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