Uncharted Drake’s Fortune Trophy Guide

Uncharted Drake's Fortune Trophy Guide

Uncharted Drake’s Fortune Trophy Guide. Difficulty: **  A third-person action adventure, featuring treasure hunter Nathan Drake. Collectibles to find, and a playthrough on its hardest difficulty setting is required.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune ** 48 Naughty Dog U.S. 36 8 3 0 0

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

The game is a third-person action adventure, filled with bad guys to shoot and puzzles to solve, much in the tradition of the Tomb Raider series. You play Nathan Drake, a descendant of a famed explorer Sir Francis Drake, picking up the lost trail in search of El Dorabo - the city of gold. Aided by his partner Victor "Sully" Sullivan, and a journalist named Elena Fisher, Drake travels to the Amazon in search of treasure, while combating pirates and mercenaries.

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune won Game of the Year by several online magazines, and has been planned to be a major motion picture. It is also the first game in the PS3 library to have trophy support with a Platinum trophy.

Having the honor of being the first retail game to have trophy support, patched on August 4, 2008, Uncharted is perhaps the most popular Platinum you'll find. This game doesn't require too much of your time, but a little patience with finding all the hidden treasures, and some skill in beating the game in Crushing mode.

If you're in a mad rush for that Platinum, start playing the game on Hard, and follow one of the guides below to collect each and every treasure along the way. Once you've completed the story, you will have unlocked the Crushing mode. You can go ahead and complete it, trying to get the remaining kill trophies, or play through Hard once more (about half the story) using the now-unlocked infinite ammo to acquire the remaining kill trophies, before attempting Crushing.

If you wish to take things a little easier, simply play on Easy mode once, unlock the infinite ammo, then go through again until most of the trophies are acquired. You will then have to play on Hard, then Crushing to achieve the Platinum. The game itself isn't particularly long, so this option is certainly not unreasonable. It's up to you which route you choose; quick and difficult, or slow and easy. Either way, you'll have fun!

Walkthroughs are essential for this game, since you will need to find all the hidden treasures to unlock all the trophies. We found it necessary to use more than one guide, since some of them have better/clearer images than others for particular treasures, in order to find them during playthrough. So, if you can't make out exactly where that "glimmer" is when comparing the image to what you're seeing on the TV, try another linked guide.

Here is the Walkthrough from IGN:

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The Walkthrough from Mahalo includes videos:

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