Adventures of Tintin The Game Trophy Guide

Adventures of Tintin The Game Trophy Guide

Adventures of Tintin The Game Trophy Guide. Difficulty: **   A 2D action platformer based on the animated film of the same name. The majority of the Trophies are easy to unlock, though a few challenges boost the difficulty of obtaining the Platinum.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Adventures of Tintin: The Game ** 51 Ubisoft Montpellier France 42 5 3 0 0

Adventures of Tintin: The Game

The Adventures of Tintin: The Game, also known as The Adventures of Tintin: The secret of the Unicorn in Europe, is a 2D platforming action-adventure based on the 2011 computer-animated film of the same name, which in turn is based on The Adventures of Tintin comics by Herge. Players control Tintin, as well as Snowy and Captain Haddock at times, attacking enemies while exploring platforming levels and solving puzzles, with some driving and flying levels included. The game also hosts co-op play, and supports the PlayStation Move controller.

After learning about the Unicorn, a ship which belonged to Sir Francis Haddock that had been scuttled to avoid being taken by pirates, Tintin sets off with his trusty dog Snowy in search of the legendary ship, along with the help of Captain Haddock.

The Adventures of Tintin: The Game received lukewarm reviews with an average score of 61%, praised for its graphics and 2D platforming, but criticized for its repetitiveness, uninspiring levels, and lack in challenge.

The majority of the trophies are quite easy to unlock - most of which are story-related - and would have earned a 1-star difficulty rating. Unfortunately, completing some of the Challenges, particularly the Plane Challenges, are quite difficult and frustrating, enough to push the difficulty rating up to a 2-star. Yet with patience, persistence, and practice, any average player should eventually pass these challenges, and therefore unlock the platinum.

Expect roughly 15-20 hours for the Platinum.

NOTE: You will need a second controller for one of the trophies.

The first order of business should be a full playthrough on Adventure mode, which will earn you a nice set of story-related trophies. During your playthrough, you should also work on finding all the golden crabs to unlock the Crab Collector trophy. For the most part, these are not too difficult to find so long as you're taking the time to search for them. However, we do have collectibles guides in our Links page, as well as walkthroughs which you can follow. Also, there are a few combat-related trophies you can work on during this first playthrough, as well.

After that, start a playthrough on Tintin and Haddock mode, which is the co-op mode of the game. There are treasures to find here, but not all of them can yet be collected until you've unlocked the appropriate playable character. In which case, just focus on getting through the game and earning story-related trophies, to unlock the characters.

Then, you can play on Tintin and Haddock mode again, this time focusing on collecting all the treasures. Again, check out the walkthroughs and collectibles guides in our Links page if you need assistance. Also, during this playthrough, you should try to mop-up any remaining combat-related trophies, as well.

Last, are the Challenge mode related trophies. There are three types of challenges: sword, sidecar, and plane. The sword challenges are not particularly difficult, and the sidecar challenges only have a few difficult points. But the plane challenges is what brought the difficulty level of this game up from a 1-star to 2-star. They will test your patience. But stay persistent, and you'll eventually unlock their respective trophies - and finally, the Platinum.