Aliens vs Predator Trophy Guide

Aliens vs Predator Trophy Guide

Aliens vs Predator Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *** Β  A first-person shooter, based on the Aliens vs Predator franchise. While the offline trophies are doable for any average player, the online trophies are difficult to unlock without a boosting partner.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Aliens vs Predator *** 50 Rebellion U.K. 35 13 1 14 0

Aliens vs Predator

Based on the overall Aliens vs. Predator franchise rather than any specific film or story, the game is a first-person shooter in which the player switches between three campaigns, playing as the alien, predator, and marine, though all encompassing a single story.

The game received mixed reviews, with an average score of 64%. Aliens vs. Predator was considered an overall mediocre game which lacked the finesse of its predecessor by the same developer on the PC.

While the offline trophies aren't terribly difficult - mainly story-related, sets of collectibles, kill fashions, and playing on different difficulty modes - the 10 online trophies can be a bit of a pain, particularly The Six Pack trophy which requires you to play with 6 friends, meaning you'll have to do some socializing. Also, Very Tough Hombre requires you to make 10 kills on a ranked match without dying, and Real Nasty Habit means collecting a lot of XP, which are trophies that will depend on your skills.

This rating is a high 3-stars, but with some boosting buddies, could be reduced to a high 2-star rated game.

It's quite possible to claim all the offline trophies in one playthrough, though the choice is yours whether or not you wish to start on an easier mode or go straight into Nightmare difficulty.

While many trophies are story-based, watch out for You Have My Sympathies, in which you must shoot and kill Van Zandt in the Refinery level before the alien hatches out of his chest - otherwise you will miss the trophy.

There are a set of collectibles as well: destroying all 50 jelly containers for the Quite A Specimen trophy, harvesting all the humans for the Grim Reaper trophy, finding all 45 trophy belts for the Fortune And Glory trophy, and finding all 67 audio diaries for the Harsh Language trophy. Just follow the walkthroughs and guides under our Links tab for their locations.

As stated earlier, some of the online trophies can be a bit of a pain - especially considering the age of this game, and how few people are playing it. Check out the forum in our Links page to find yourself a boosting partner, if you're having trouble. Remember to friend everyone you play, so you can claim The Six Pack trophy.

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