Cabela’s Outdoor Adventures Trophy Guide

Cabela's Outdoor Adventures Trophy Guide

Cabela’s Outdoor Adventures Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *   Combines both hunting and fishing, while tracking animals and flushing out birds. A relatively easy game with the majority of the trophies unlocking in one playthrough.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Cabela’s Outdoor Adventures * 42 Fun Labs Romania 33 3 5 0 0

Cabela’s Outdoor Adventures

Despite bearing the same title as the 2005 version for the PlayStation 2, GameCube and Xbox, Cabela's Outdoor Adventures, released in 2009, is a completely new game. The title features both hunting and fishing together, and puts more focus on tracking animals and flushing out birds than past games in the series.

With only a few reviews, the game received generally mixed to positive grades, with an average score of 69% for having a quicker pace than its predecessors and overall improvement in gameplay.

For the most part, this game is pretty straight forward, with most of the trophies being earned in the Story mode, then using Trophy Chase mode to mop-up anything you've missed.

A word of caution, however. There are some missable trophies during the Story mode, and if you fail to collect them, you'll need to play the game over again. But if you explore the areas carefully, and follow the walkthroughs and guides in our Links page, you should be alright.

Start with Story mode, because the trophy animals won't be available in Trophy Chase until they've been unlocked in the story. Follow the walkthorughs in our Links page, and make sure to explore every area so that you don't miss any hunts. Also, the one specific trophy you should watch out for is Casting Master, which requires 20 good casts when fishing. This trophy can only be obtained in Story mode, and is considered the most difficult. Whenever you fish, try to get a few good casts each time, as they are accumulative.

Once you've gotten all the trophies you can in Story mode, switch to Trophy Chase, and mop-up the others you're missing. Check out the Cabela's Outdoor Adventures trophy guide links under our Links tab for further details.

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