Chaotic Shadow Warriors Trophy Guide

Chaotic Shadow Warriors Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ***  An action game based on the Chaotic TV series. The offline trophies are quite easy, though the online are difficult without a boosting partner.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Chaotic: Shadow Warriors *** 28 FUN Labs Romania 10 11 6 4 0

Chaotic: Shadow Warriors

Based on the Chaotic TV series, Chaotic: Shadow Warriors is an action game where players take on the role of Tom, a boy who enters the realm of Perim and searches for the powerful equipment known as Battlegear, which had been stolen by a mysterious group.

The game received an average score of 50% by most gaming magazines, criticized for its repetitiveness and overall diminished fun-factor.

This game requires several online trophies, and due to its unpopularity, it will be difficult to find people to play. This is the reason for the 3-star rating.

However, if you manage to find a boosting buddy, the difficulty of this Platinum can be reduced to a mere 1-star. We've provided a forum in our Links page to search for Chaotic friends.

The online trophies, as long as you find all the collectibles, shouldn't take you less than 10 hours to complete. The offline trophies will take almost half that time.

When playing offline, the game doesn't allow you to go back. No chapter select here. Which means that if you miss any trophies - Battlegear Curator, Mugic Curator, Tribe Collector, No Secret, and Creature Ruler - you'll need to restart all over. If you wish to collect all the offline trophies in one playthrough, make sure you walk through every path in order to collect everything.

As stated earlier, the online trophies are extremely trough without a boosting buddy. Not because the trophies themselves are difficult, but because hardly anyone is playing this game. We recommend getting on the internet and find people to play with. Check out the boosting forums under our Links tab for this.

The best Trophy Guide we've found was posted by Bodigard:

Lil_Mermaid_Girl also created a great Trophy Guide, here:

This is a great Achievement Guide (same as the trophies on PS3) by rican and ninja89:

And more Achievement Guides, compiled by several playeres, here:

95DNA has put together a series of Walkthrough Videos on Youtube. Here is a link to part 1:

Here is a Boosting Forum on PlaystationTrophies, to help with those 4 online trophies:

And a Boosting Forum on PS3Trophies:

And these are some general Game-Playing Tips, from KW:

Lastly, here's a basic Trophy List:

Rapala Pro Bass Fishing Trophy Guide

Rapala Pro Bass Fishing Trophy Guide. Difficulty: **  A fishing simulation game where players compete as a live TV event across North America. More time consuming than difficult, with only a few challenging trophies.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Rapala Pro Bass Fishing ** 51 FUN Labs Romania 42 5 3 0 0

Rapala Pro Bass Fishing

Rapala Pro Bass Fishing is a fishing simulation game, in which players catch a variety of fish using various lures and techniques in different freshwater lakes across North America. The game includes a Free Fishing mode for completing specific challenges, as well as a Tournament Mode where players compete against other fishermen and fisherwomen, while the event is presented as a live TV event with announcers providing updates and competitive leader boards. The game is compatible with the PlayStation Move controller.

Rapala Pro Bass Fishing received lukewarm reviews, with an average score of 62%, praised for its graphics and detail, but criticized for its repetition.

While some of the challenges can be pretty tough at times, the majority of the trophies are quire easy to unlock. However, where the game lacks in required skill, it makes up for in time, hence the 2-star rating.

Expect anywhere between 30-40 hours of grinding, depending on your luck and whether or not you're following a guide.

You'll first want to play through and complete the Tournament Mode, while unlocking all its respected trophies. Most of the trophies will bling naturally as you progress through, but there's a couple you should watch out for. Friendly Angler requires you to finish the Rookie Season with less than 3 penalty points. Also, Good Sportsmanship requires you to complete all the seasons with zero penalty points. However, as long as you're not completely careless, it's easy to unlock these two trophies. Just make sure you don't ram your boat into another competitor, or mess up their fishing. And even then, you'll usually receive a warning before any penalties.

Also, you can be working towards the Lure Master trophy from the get-go, which requires you to catch at least one fish with each lure. See the checklist under our Links tab to help you with this.


Once you're done with the Tournament Mode, it's time to move onto Free Fishing, in which you'll be working through challenges. Ideally, you'll be working towards the Master Challenger gold trophy, for completing all the challenges. This is where the game can get a bit tricky, but with patience and one of the guides under our Links tab, it shouldn't give you too much trouble.

Finally, just mop-up anything you're still missing.

Cabela’s Survival Shadows of Katmai Trophy Guide

Cabela’s Survival Shadows of Katmai Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *   A third-person survival as you make your way through the wilderness after survival a plane crash. A relatively easy game with collectibles to find, unlocking the Platinum in under 10 hours.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Cabela’s Survival: Shadows of Kamtai * 28 Fun Labs Romania 8 13 6 0 0

Cabela’s Survival: Shadows of Katmai

Cabela's Survival: Shadows of Katmai is a third-person survival action game. You play as bush pilot Logan James, who manages to survive a plane crash in a remote part of Alaska. Injured and surrounded by a dangerous wilderness, you must guide your way to safety while battling fierce predators and the natural elements around you.

Based on a few reviews, the game received an average score of 67% for its general satisfactory graphics and gameplay, though nothing particularly groundbreaking.

Overall, this Platinum is quite easy and not very time consuming. Playing on Hard mode allows you to collect the majority of the trophies in one playthrough, plus there's a chapter select for mopping-up after. There are a few collectibles to find, though most of them are out in the open and easy to spot. Only the Gold All The Way trophy will cause a bit of frustration, as the final eighth gallery in the quick draw challenge is very difficult and demands some patience.

Depending on how much time you spend on that final quick draw challenge, this platinum will take roughly 8-10 hours to obtain.

NOTE: This game can be played with either the PS Move, or the regular controller.

Since this game is not particularly difficult to begin with, we recommend starting on Hard mode, in order to claim The True Adventurer gold trophy. The majority of the trophies are story-based, but there are a few you should concern yourself with. Particularly locating all 9 Map Pieces to unlock the Galleries. These are in plain view, and you can follow one of the guides in our Links page just to make sure you don't miss any. Also, there are a few kill-related trophies for using certain weapons. If you continuously use each weapon as they come to you, these trophies should unlock naturally.

Once you've finished going through the story, you can start on the shooting galleries. As we mentioned earlier, most of these are pretty easy, except for the eighth and final challenge. Just keep patient and eventually you'll clear it.

Finally, you can use the chapter select to mop-up anything you may have missed.

Here is a great Trophy Guide by Cauchy, which also states the location for the 9 map pieces:

Another useful Trophy Guide, this one by dajmer79:

Yet another useful Trophy Guide, this one by Roughdawg4:

This is the first part of a Video Walkthrough by 136nugget, in case you get stuck:

Lastly, here's a basic Trophy List:

Cabela’s Outdoor Adventures Trophy Guide

Cabela’s Outdoor Adventures Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *   Combines both hunting and fishing, while tracking animals and flushing out birds. A relatively easy game with the majority of the trophies unlocking in one playthrough.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Cabela’s Outdoor Adventures * 42 Fun Labs Romania 33 3 5 0 0

Cabela’s Outdoor Adventures

Despite bearing the same title as the 2005 version for the PlayStation 2, GameCube and Xbox, Cabela's Outdoor Adventures, released in 2009, is a completely new game. The title features both hunting and fishing together, and puts more focus on tracking animals and flushing out birds than past games in the series.

With only a few reviews, the game received generally mixed to positive grades, with an average score of 69% for having a quicker pace than its predecessors and overall improvement in gameplay.

For the most part, this game is pretty straight forward, with most of the trophies being earned in the Story mode, then using Trophy Chase mode to mop-up anything you've missed.

A word of caution, however. There are some missable trophies during the Story mode, and if you fail to collect them, you'll need to play the game over again. But if you explore the areas carefully, and follow the walkthroughs and guides in our Links page, you should be alright.

Start with Story mode, because the trophy animals won't be available in Trophy Chase until they've been unlocked in the story. Follow the walkthorughs in our Links page, and make sure to explore every area so that you don't miss any hunts. Also, the one specific trophy you should watch out for is Casting Master, which requires 20 good casts when fishing. This trophy can only be obtained in Story mode, and is considered the most difficult. Whenever you fish, try to get a few good casts each time, as they are accumulative.

Once you've gotten all the trophies you can in Story mode, switch to Trophy Chase, and mop-up the others you're missing. Check out the Cabela's Outdoor Adventures trophy guide links under our Links tab for further details.

This is an invaluable Walkthrough by Cauchy, listing all the hunt opportunities in story mode:

Here's a great Trophy Guide, by pretend_hero:

And another great Trophy Guide, this one by Pope Bodicus I:

A simple, but useful Trophy Guide here, by Derektrotter:

Lastly, here's a basic Trophy List:

Cabela’s North American Adventures Trophy Guide

Cabela’s North American Adventures Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *   Become the star of a hunting show, travel across North America and hunt both big game and small rodents. The Platinum can be earned in around 12 hours.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Cabela’s North American Adventures * 26 Fun Labs Romania 9 9 7 4 0

Cabela’s North American Adventures

Cabela's North American Adventures is a first-person hunting game, in which players are the star of a hunting show, travelling to various spots across North America to hunt both big game animals, as well as eliminate smaller pests and rodents. Weapons can be customized, and different calls can be used to locate and attract their trophies.

The game also includes multiplayer, in which players can hunt with up to three people online and compete for the highest score.

Despite the lack of reviews for this game, those few gave an average score of 65% for its mix between great landscapes but poor graphics on the animals, and its overall general mediocrity.

This is a high 1-star game, simply because of the odd moments of frustration. While considered slightly more challenging than Outdoor Adventures, this platinum can be obtained within 12 hours of gameplay or so, depending on your skills. If you start the game on its hardest difficulty mode, you can collect the majority of the trophies in one playthrough.

While there are 4 online trophies, these needn't be boosted; you can host a match yourself with bots.

We recommend starting the game on Pro Hunter, which is the hardest difficulty mode. This mode is not all that difficult, and the trophies will stack, so you'll obtain both The Good Hunter and the Accomplished Hunter trophies at the end of the story. As you play through the 13 episodes, aim for the A+ ratings on each level to unlock custom parts for the Gun Collector trophy, try to get at least one kill with the bow for the Bow Kill, and try to get three 'Awesome' duck calls for the Master Caller trophy. Check out the Cabela's North American Adventures trophy guide links under our Links tab for further details.

Once you've completed the story and obtained the majority of the trophies, you can head into Big Trophy Tournament, and aim for the Rifleman, Trophy Hunter, Custom Firearm, and Rare Trophy trophies.

Next is the Shooting Galleries, aiming for gold medals on all of the four challenge maps. These may seem frustrating at first, but as you keep working at it, you'll get familiar with the locations of the animals, making things easier with time. Just keep at it, and you'll unlock the Shotgun Expert, Shooting Galleries Expert, and Exterminator trophies.

Lastly, there are the 4 online trophies. As we mentioned earlier, boosting is not necessary. From the Main Menu, select PlayStation Network, then Host Match. Under the settings, make sure you select 4 players, with Bots, Vitals, and Perks 'Enabled,' and Private Slots at 3. Now you'll be able to play online with 3 bots. The trophies themselves are not particularly challenging. Again, check out the trophy guides in our Links page for further details.