Cars Race-O-Rama Trophy Guide

Cars Race-O-Rama Trophy Guide

Cars Race-O-Rama Trophy Guide. Difficulty: * Β  A cartoonish racing game, based on the Pixar animated film Cars. An incredibly easy game, with a Platinum that can be obtained in just a few hours.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Cars: Race-O-Rama * 22 Incinerator Studios U.S. 0 14 7 0 0

Cars: Race-O-Rama

Based on the Disney film "Cars," Cars: Race-O-Rama is a cartoonish racing game, and a sequel to the trophy-less Cars: Mater-National, released in October 2007. Playing a "personalized" Lightening McQueen, players race through an academy of racers, on their way to compete against the rival academy, run by Chick Hicks. Four different race types are available: off-road, street, beach, and speedway.

The game received average scores of 50%, criticized for its generic simplicity. Definitely a game geared only for kids - or trophy whores.

This game ranks alongside Hannah Montanna and Megamind, as one of the easiest Platinums. The races are simple - you don't even need to come in first place, just the top three position - and can play Beginner mode throughout the game. Any trophies missed during the game can be obtained after beating the final boss.

By using the guides provided in our Links page, this platinum can be acquired in just a few hours.

To obtain the Platinum as quickly as possible, select Beginner mode, since it has no bearing on your trophy collecting. Also, don't break your neck trying to come in first place - being in the top three is good enough.

Select Story mode, and make sure to collect all three sparkplugs when completing the first race. As you later make your way through the city, complete the grey areas first to get them out of the way, before hitting the Gold Event. Rinse and repeat, till you beat the game.

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