CSI Fatal Conspiracy Trophy Guide

CSI Fatal Conspiracy Trophy Guide

CSI Fatal Conspiracy Trophy Guide. Difficulty: * ย Loosely based on the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation TV series. Following a guide will allow to unlock all the trophies in one, easy playthrough.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
CSI: Fatal Conspiracy * 26 Telltale Games U.S. 7 12 6 0 0

CSI: Fatal Conspiracy

The game is loosely based on the 10th season of the TV program "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," with a story written by some of the show's scriptwriters, and voiced with Laurence Fishburne. It is the ninth CSI game in the series, but the first on the PlayStation 3.

CSI: Fatal Conspiracy is divided into 5 "Cases" in which the player must search for clues, participate in mini-games for analyzing the evidence, interrogate suspects, and present your report to your superiors.

Due to its unpopularity, many game magazines have passed on reviewing CSI: Fatal Conspiracy. Those few that did, gave an average score of 50%.

Many of the trophies are either story-based, or require 100% in certain areas, such as Cunning for presenting evidence, or Skill during the mini-games of analyzing evidence.

Simply follow the guides under our Links tab, and under one playthrough, you should have this Platinum in under 12 hours.

In order to claim the Platinum in one playthrough and avoid having to mop up any missed trophies, it's important to score 100% on everything - particularly during the first case. All the "percentage" trophies are stackable, so for example, getting 100% cunning for the Human Polygraph trophy, will also earn you the Can't Get Fooled Again and Fool Me Once trophies. Simply follow the guides we've provided in our Links page, and you should have no trouble uncovering everything in each case, thereby collecting every trophy from beginning to end.

For a Walkthrough, we have a complete set of videos created by LaserBolt:

Here is a text-based Walkthrough, by Evilncr:

The most useful Trophy Guide, which includes a road map and everything you'll basically need to claim the platinum, was created by Bodigard:

Another great Trophy Guide, this one by Twitching-Peanut:

Here's a simple Achievement Guide (same as the trophies on PS3) by jamie1000013:

Finally, here's a basic Trophy List: