PlayStation Plus Free Games September 2017

PlayStation Plus Free Games September 2017

Despite the PlayStation 4 titles already being leaked, Sony has officially released their full lineup for PlayStation Plus Free Games September 2017 available for download on Tuesday, September 5.

For the PlayStation 4, there’s inFamous: Second Son, the third major installment in the inFamous series as the story continues through the electric-weilding protagonist Delsin Rowe in this action-adventure title. And Strike Vector Ex where players take control of super powered aircraft and engage in first-person aerial combat.

On the PlayStation 3, there’s Truck Racer, a racing game involving indestructable trucks that can be customized and raced down the track in both single player and online multiplayer. And Handball 16, a Handball simulation sports game with the three most prestigious leagues in Europe.

Finally, for the PlayStation Vita, there’s We Are Doomed, a twin-stick shooter where players use a super laserbeam to destroy polygons. And Hatoful Boyfriend, a Japanese visual novel about a teenage human girl who attends St. PigeoNation’s Insttute, a school for talented birds. Both We Are Doomed and Hatoful Boyfriend are cross-plat with the PS4.

Among the PlayStation Plus free games September 2017, inFamous: Second Son, Strke Vector Ex, Truck Racer, and Handball 16 all have Platinum trophies to unlock. Both Infamous: Second Son and Strke Vector Ex are perhaps the easiest, both requiring only 15 hours of gameplay. Truck Racer has some time trials that can be rather tricky, but its Platinum is overall doable and requires roughly 10 hours, depending on skills. Also, since Hatoful Boyfriend is a visual novel, it’s quite easy to unlock 100% of the trophies if following a guide.