NCIS The Game Trophy Guide

NCIS The Game Trophy Guide

NCIS The Game Trophy Guide. Difficulty: * Β A point-and-click adventure based on the NCIS TV series. A quick and easy Platinum which can be unlocked in one playthrough if following a guide.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
NCIS: The Game * 27 Ubisoft Shanghai China 5 16 5 0 0

NCIS: The Game

NCIS: The Game, also known as NCIS: Based On The TV Series, is a point-and-click video game based on the American police procedural TV series, in which players operate a cursor to guide and give instructions to the character to uncover clues in crime scenes, and play mini-games to analyse the evidence in order to solve the mystery. The game includes four "episodes."

NCIS: The Game received negative reviews, with an average score of 37%, criticized for its shortness, over-easy gameplay, poor voice acting, and mediocre graphics.

A quick and easy Platinum, comparable to Hannah Montana: The Movie, only less embarrassing on your trophy list. All the trophies are story-related, and therefore unmissable. If you're following a walkthrough or guide, you can easily unlock the platinum in around 4 hours. Slightly more if you're figuring things out on your own.

No roadmap is necessary for this game. There are no missable trophies since every one is story-related. Simply start the game, and play through each of the four episodes, and you'll have yourself a new Platinum by the end.

If you're in a rush, you can simply follow one of the NCIS The Game trophy guide links under our Links tab. Though the game is easy enough that they're not necessary.