Love Once Mermaid’s Tears Trophy Guide

Love Once Mermaid's Tears Trophy Guide

Love Once Mermaid’s Tears Trophy Guide. Difficulty: * Β A visual novel about a high school boy whose life is turned upside-down when two female mermaids decide to live with him. Even without understanding Japanese, the Platinum can easily be obtained if using a guide.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
L@ve Once: Mermaid’s Tears * 16 Maid meets Cat Japan 0 6 9 0 0

L@ve Once: Mermaid’s Tears

The game is a Renai Adobenchaa - or Love Adventure - game, played similarly to the old Choose-Your-Own-Adventure YA novels. A story unfolds, with pictures and voice actors, and the player makes choices which dictate either receiving the "Good Ending" or "Bad Ending." L@ve Once was first released for the PSP in Japan in 2010, and the PS3 in 2011.

The protagonist is Shouji Takanashi, a High School student, who recalls a memory from his childhood when he discovered two young mermaids swimming in the sea. Years later, he comes home from school and is shocked to find two girls - Mei and Meru - in his home. It dawns on him that these are the twin mermaids whom, for years, he believed to to be a dream. Will Shouji find love among Mei, Meru, or one of the other High School girls? The choices are up to you.

A mermaid can only love once.
If a mermaid is left heartbroken, the sea will bubble and she'll vanish.

This game requires no skill whatsoever - you needn't even understand Japanese, which is good because there's no English version. Simply skim through the story, making different choices, and reach all possible endings.

This Platinum can be earned in under 10 hours, if you're not bothering to read the text.

Despite being a Japanese-only game (and not a particularly popular one, at that) we HAVE managed to find a few Love Once Mermaid's Tears trophy guides, which you can check out under our Links tab. They're helpful, but not incredibly necessary.

There's a trophy for each "Good Ending" for each girl, and their "Bad Ending" as well, making up 12 trophies. Most of the choices aren't important, until "October 19th" when the Mermaid Mom asks which girl is in your heart - either Mei, Meru, Risa, Nagomi, Hibiki, or Michiru. This will determine the route. The following choices won't matter, except for one - which will determine the Good or Bad ending. This is where the trophy guides will help out, in case you don't feel like writing down which decisions you've made and going back to select alternatives. There's also another trophy for having seen all 12 endings.

Afterwards, just select Extra Memory from the Menu screen, and read through all the memories for another trophy.

What's left is the trophy for completing the album. By now, it should be pretty full. This means selecting any previous choices you haven't yet made. Again, either check out the trophy guides in our Links page, or write this stuff down.

Always save after the credits!

You can skim through the text by hitting the "circle" button. When you're replaying the game, and if the text is part of a story you've already seen (you saved the game, right?) than just hold the R1 button, and you'll skim through the text at lightening speed! You can even hold the R1 down with an elastic, and play your Vita while you're waiting for the next choice option.

Here is a great Trophy Guide by Aeliana, who shows all the choices to make and in which order:

If you're still struggling with completing the album, check out this site which shows a complete list of all the Possible Choices. It's in Japanese, but so is the game - so just match the Japanese characters if you can't read it:

Finally, here's a Trophy List in Japanese:

And a Trophy List in English: