Terminator Salvation Trophy Guide

Terminator Salvation Trophy Guide

Terminator Salvation Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *  A third-person shooter and a prequel to the 2009 film of the same name. Since all trophies are story related, only a single playthrough on Hard mode will unlock the Platinum.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Terminator: Salvation * 12 Grin Sweden 0 0 11 0 0

Terminator: Salvation

The game is a third-person shooter, which takes place just before the storyline of the film with the same name. You play as John Connor, on your way to save a small band of survivors from the evil clutches of Skynet. Along the way, you meet and team up with such characters as Angie and Barnes, whom appear in the film. The object is to flank and locate the best vantage point to take-out the enemy in an almost chess-like scenario.

Terminator: Salvation received negative reviews with an average score of 46%, criticized for its poor visuals, repetitive gameplay, and technical bugs.

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The Platinum can be obtained overnight. Simply select Hard, and in one playthrough you will have 100% completion. Perhaps the only easier game out there would be Hannah Montanna.

Maybe it was laziness, or the rush of releasing the game on time with the film, but whatever the reason, the developers at Grin decided that ALL trophies would be story-based only, which means no extra challenges are required. There are nine chapters in the game, which means 9 trophies, plus those for completing the game on Medium and Hard.

This game is great for those who wish to: 1) Add an easy Platinum to their collection, and 2) Add some Gold trophies to their list, since there are no Bronze or Silvers in this game

Perhaps the most challenging trophy is Veteran Commander, and even that isn't particularly difficult. The game simply requires good aim, and some landscape strategy; deciding where is the best position to take cover, depending on the enemy and its location. If you find yourself low on health but are in a safe place, try just sitting there and let your NPC team-mates do the shooting, since they can't die.

Also, be aware of several glitches in the game, such as T-7-Ts getting stuck in walls, in which case you WILL have to restart the game on that level.

If, for whatever reason, you're having some difficulty completing the storyline, check out the following Walkthrough:

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