Bloodborne Trophy Guide

Bloodborne Trophy Guide

Bloodborne Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *** Β A third-person action RPG with horror elements, taking place in the Gothic city Yharnam. The road to the Platinum is both challenging and rather time consuming, though doable for any player with enough determination.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Bloodborne *** 34 FromSoftware Japan 20 7 6 0 6


Bloodborne is a third-person action RPG with horror elements, with a focus on exploration and weapon-based combat. Players control a customizable character and use such items as swords and firearms as they further explore the world by collecting keys to unlock new locations, while battling enemies and bosses. Players can also summon other players in the same world to aid in their battles, or be invaded by other players, through multiplayer.

Taking place in a run-down Gothic city named Yharnam, the mysterious player-character is searching for something called the Paleblood. He soon learns that many of the inhabitants of the city have been turned into creatures due to an endemic illness.

Bloodborne received highly positive reviews with an average score of 93%, praised for its level and character designs, atmosphere, fast-paced combat, and overall exciting gameplay.

Bloodborne is not only challenging, but quite time-consuming as well. At least one playthrough is needed, if you back up your file and reload in order to witness each of the three different endings. If this is not done, then three playthroughs are needed. There are several boss battles, and doing them alone will really test your skills.

Expect roughly 60-70 hours for the Platinum, depending on your skills.

Start by simply playing through the game. However, be wary of some missable trophies. The Hunter's Essence trophy unlocks after acquiring all the hunter weapons, which the Crow Hunter Badge, Wheel Hunter Badge, and Old Hunter Badge can be missed if their related mission is not done correctly.

Play the game up until the final boss. The point of no return is when the workshop in the Hunter's Dream is on fire. From here, you will want to make sure you've completed everything you still need to do. Be sure to check out the Bloodborne trophy guide links under our Links tab to see what is still required.

Before you head towards the final boss, we recommend saving your file either to the cloud or on a USB drive. Then, after entering the Hunter's Dream and meeting with Gerhman, accept his offer. Once the Yharnam Sunrise trophy unlocks, load up your previous save. Then refuse and kill Gerhman in order to get the Honoring Wishes trophy. Finally, load up your save one last time, where you will be using the three umbilical cords. After defeating the final boss, you should unlock the Childhood's Beginning trophy.

From here, you can load up the New Game+ to complete the Hunter's Essence trophy, as well as any others you still need.

Good luck!

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