Mass Effect 2 Trophy Guide

Mass Effect 2 Trophy Guide

Mass Effect 2 Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ***  A third-person sci-fi action RPG and sequel to the 2007 title Mass Effect. The Platinum is both time consuming and challenging, as it requires a playthrough on Insanity mode.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Mass Effect 2 *** 55 BioWare Canada 46 6 2 0 4

Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 is a sci-fi third-person RPG, and a sequel to the 2007 Mass Effect, which was not released on the PlayStation 3. Players select from six character classes, upgrading their skills and powers along the way, while selecting from a variety of weapons and armor, as well as make decisions which impact the story's outcome.

Taking place in the 22nd century, and beginning only a few weeks after the prequel, humanity is threatened by an insect-like species known as the Collectors. Commander Shephard must put together a diverse team in order to defeat the enemy in a suicide mission.

Mass Effect 2 was both a commercial and critical success, with an average rating of 95%, praised for its interesting characters and storyline, great visuals and music, and for its overall exciting experience.

The 3-star rating is for both time-consumption and challenge. You will need to finish the game on Insanity mode, which can be quite difficult and frustrating. On Casual mode, a full playthrough, with all the side-missions completed, could take between 35-45 hours. On Insanity, you can expect those hours to be higher. Yet the good news is, you can begin your game immediately on Insanity, if you wish.

Overall, expect anywhere between 40-80 hours to complete, depending on how many playthroughs you do.

Mass Effect 2, among other things, is all about making choices. And the first choice you will have to make, is which mode to begin your playthrough on. At some point, you will need to complete the game on Insanity, which is an option from the start. Doing this means collecting the platinum in one playthrough - so long as you unlocked all the missable trophies. However, Insanity is very challenging, and can be especially frustrating for someone not familiar with the Mass Effect series. So, the choice is yours. Either begin on Casual mode first, then do a second playthrough, or start right with Insanity.

As you play through the game, keep in mind that the point of no return is when you enter the Omega 4 Relay. Before doing this, make sure you've unlocked all the other trophies. This includes all the loyalty-related ones, and several others. A good rule of thumb is to save often in multiple slots, so you can always backtrack if you missed something. Be sure to check out the Mass Effect 2 trophy guide links under our Links tab to see what you still need and their requirements.

If you're a completionist who plans to finish the DLC, it should be noted that The Price of Revenge must be done before you travel through the Omega 4 Relay. However, the three trophies for the Arrival DLC can be unlocked anytime after.

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