Mass Effect 3 Trophy Guide

Mass Effect 3 Trophy Guide

Mass Effect 3 Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ***  A third-person sci-fi action RPG and sequel to the 2010 title Mass Effect 2. The Platinum is slightly easier than its predecessor, though a little more time consuming.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Mass Effect 3 *** 51 BioWare Canada 42 6 2 1 18

Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 is a third-person action RPG in a sci-fi setting, and a direct sequel to the 2010 Mass Effect 2. As in the previous titles, choices made in the game can impact the outcome of the story. Game saves from Mass Effect 1 and 2 can be imported, allowing to use the same player-character. The party members in Mass Effect 3 is smaller than those in the prequel, and the combat has been refined. The game also includes a multiplayer co-op mode.

Earth has been overrun by a synthetic-organic race of machines known as the Reapers. Player-character Commander Shepard must find a means to defeat the Reapers once and for all.

Mass Effect 3 received positive reviews, with an average score of 89%, praised for its dramatic story and overall exciting fun. The ending, however, received so much criticism that BioWare released a free DLC patch which elaborated on the consequences of the ending as well as tied up loose ends.

While holding the same 3-star difficulty rating as its prequel, Mass Effect 3's Insanity mode is considered slightly easier, while the game in general is slightly more time consuming. Importing your save from a previously played Mass Effect 2 will greatly decrease the time required for the Platinum, as your character will already be starting at a higher level. The majority of the trophies can be done offline, however the Defender trophy is the only one which must be done in the online theater of war.

Overall, expect around 60-70 hours of gameplay for the platinum, with an additional 20 hours if you're not importing a previous Mass Effect 2 save.

Due to the Long Service Medal trophy, you will either need to perform two full playthroughs, or one playthrough and import a save from a previously played Mass Effect 2. if you have already played Mass Effect 2 and still have your save on your PlayStation, then it's highly recommended to import it. Not only will you begin with a character at a higher level, but you can then knock out the platinum in one playthrough, provided that you're playing on Insanity mode.

If you're playing this without an import, then you will need to do two playthroughs. In which case, your first playthrough may as well be on either Casual or Normal setting. If you've imported your character, you can go straight to Insanity.

The missable trophies you'll want to watch out for, are Liberator, Tunnel Rat, Saboteur, Problem Solver, Fact Finder, and Unwavering. Also, keep note that the point of no return is the Priority: Tuchanka, Priority: Rannoch, and Priority: Cereberus Headquarters missions, so make sure you've completed and unlocked the necessary trophies first.

Also, while it's not necessary for the Platinum, if you're planning on completing the DLC and striving for 100%, the Freedom Fighter trophy in the DLC Trophy Pack 1, must be done before crossing the point of no return.

If you've completed the game and are still shy of a few trophies, you can import your character, which will allow you to keep all your experience points and weapons. This is also your chance to play Insanity if you haven't done so already, rack up any needed kills, and work on the online Defender trophy.