Prince of Persia Trophy Guide

Prince of Persia Trophy Guide

Prince of Persia Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ** Β A third-person action platformer belonging to the Prince of Persia franchise, though heavily deviated in both style and combat system. The Platinum is fairly average in terms of skill and time required.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Prince of Persia ** 51 Ubisoft Montreal Canada 42 5 3 0 10

Prince of Persia

Like the othes in the Prince of Persia series, this is a third-person adventure in which you'll be jumping, climbing and flipping through the air while swinging your sword to victory. The game was created with rotoscoping, which gives an artistic feel as though you're playing a painting.

After saving her, Elika explains that her father is the one who sent the soldiers after her. Once her father destroys the Tree of Life, the evil god Ahriman is free to bring evil across the land. The Prince and Elika must travel to each Fertile Ground throughout the kingdom to rejuvenate its power and defeat Ahriman.

Though it will take some time, there aren't any trophies which are supremely difficult in this game. You'll find yourself acquiring trophy after trophy at the start of the game. Then a long pause before you collect the last batch.

The two most challenging trophies will be: Light Seeds Master, which requires you to find every light seed in the game, and Be Gentle With Her, which means Elika can only save you less than 100 times in the game. A little frustrating and time consuming, but nothing which warrants more than two stars for this game.

Many trophies will be gained automatically throughout the game, with others which are required to complete the story. Upon your first playthrough, without going out of your way, you should have collected roughly 60% of the trophies.

At least 2 playthroughs will be necessary. Focus the first on completing all the necessary challenges. This includes finding all the Light Seeds. Use our Links to help you with this. During your second playthrough, focus on getting the Be Gentle With Her trophy. This means that she cannot save you more than 100 times. Start a new save, and begin. Then save often! Every time you miscalculate a jump or fail to defend against an enemy and Elika saves you, simply reload. It will take time, but is very doable.

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