Saints Row The Third Trophy Guide

Saints Row The Third Trophy Guide

Saints Row The Third Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ***  A third-person action game in an open world, and the next installment in the Saints Row series. Overall, the Platinum is average in difficulty, though quite time-consuming.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Saints Row: The Third *** 51 Volition U.S. 38 10 2 1 30

Saints Row: The Third

Saints Row: The Third is a third-person open-world action title, similar in gameplay to the Grand Theft Auto series, and is the first in the franchise to have trophy support on the PlayStation 3. Similar to its two previous titles, players lead the Third Streets Saints in a turf war against rival gangs, fulfill missions, partake in races, use a variety of weapons, and explore the city. The game also includes an online co-op mode.

Two years following the events of Saints Row 2, the Third Street Saints have become a media empire, with their own products, commercials, and even establishing a fanbase. However, after a bank robbery gone bad, the event triggers a chain reaction which results in the Third Street Saints to lose their grip over the city. The player-character must lead the gang against their rivals in order to retake their power.

Saints Row: The Third received rather positive reviews, with an average score of 83%, praised for its game design and overall fun, though criticized by some for its flat humour and silliness.

While similar in gameplay to the Grand Theft Auto series, the platinum for Saints Row: The Third is far easier and less time consuming. There's only one, quick online trophy to worry about, a missable trophy which can be collected by using a manual save, and another missable which involves completing all missions before completing the game. Others are for simply playing through the story, finding collectibles, and a number of other miscellaneous trophies. Also, as there's no trophy related to playing on certain difficulty modes, you can easily lower the difficulty as much as you like.

Overall, this 3-star difficulty rating is more for the time required. Expect between 35-45 hours of gameplay for the Platinum.

To begin with, there's no trophy related to completing the game on any difficulty setting, so feel free to adjust it to an easier mode if you like.

There's only one online trophy, which you can knock out at the beginning. After completing the first mission and you've created your character, select to upload it, which will earn you the Jumped In trophy.

There are two missable trophies to watch out for. The first, is either Tower Defense or Kuh Boom, depending on which choice you make. Before starting 'The Belgian Problem' mission, make a manual save. Once you've completed it and made your choice, unlocking one trophy, simply reload the save and make the other choice. The final mission also offers a choice, but in this case, you'll be able to select the mission again from your phone after completing it.

Also, while not missable, the Hi-Jack It trophy, which involves the vehicle thefts, will be harder after completing the story, so you might want to get this out of the way, first.

Otherwise, simply enjoy the game and continue unlocking trophies during your progress. After completing the game, you can still roam about and mop-up anything you've missed. Check out the Saints Row The Third trophy guide links under our Links tab to see what you still need and their requirements.