TV Superstars Trophy Guide

TV Superstars Trophy Guide

TV Superstars Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *  A party game using the PlayStation Move controllers, in which players are contestants on a reality show. The Platinum trophy is both relatively easy and not very time-consuming.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
TV Superstars * 51 Cambridge Studio U.K. 39 9 2 0 0

TV Superstars

TV Superstars is a party game which uses the PlayStation Move. Players compete as contestants on a reality show, performing in several mini-game-like challenges. The Eye Toy allows players to take photos of themselves to use as their avatars. Progress is based on the player's popularity though their media coverage, being reported after winning or losing events.

The game received an average of 63%, complemented for developing something new, but lacking in replay value.

A very easy Platinum, which involves performing simple mini-games using the Move controller. You shouldn't have any problem achieving 100% under 20 hours at most - and considering there are 51 trophies in this game, you'll be hearing those "blings" every few minutes.

NOTE: You will need 2 Move controllers for this Platinum. Also, having a friend with you helps, though is not essential.

There's not really much of a roadmap required for this game. The only thing we recommend is working towards the Team Tremendous! Trophy early on, which requires you to play as a team for 5 hours, as you can gather other trophies along the way. You don't actually need a second player (though it helps) but you do need a second Move controller.

For the most part, just check out the TV Superstars trophy guide links under our Links tab, and you should have the Platinum within 15 to 20 hours.