XCOM Enemy Unknown Trophy Guide

XCOM Enemy Unknown Trophy Guide

XCOM Enemy Unknown Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ****  A turn-based tactical RPG where players must fight against an alien invasion. The Platinum requires five full playthroughs, one of which on Impossible difficulty.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
XCOM: Enemy Unknown **** 51 Firaxis U.S. 38 10 2 1 5

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a turn-based tactical RPG in the sci-fi genre, and a reboot of the 1994 PC and PlayStation One classic title, X-Com: UFO Defense by Mythos Games. Players control troops in the battlefield through turn-based tactical missions against an alien invasion, while also directing research and development to new technologies, managing finances, and expanding bases of operations.

Set in the near future, an alien invasion has forced a group of countries to come together and form a military and scientific organization to combat the attack, known as Extraterrestrial Combat Unit, or XCOM. Its head of research, Dr. Vahlen, works on deciphering new technologies from captured aliens in order to find a means to better combat the invasion.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown received overall high praise, with an average score of 90% as well as winning a number of gaming awards in 2012 for being a fresh reboot of an already successful game, and possessing an overall high level of fun.

The game is not exactly a cakewalk, and requires a fair amount of your time. At minimum, you'll need five full playthroughs, with at least one of them played on Impossible difficulty, which is very challenging, and another on Ironman mode - which is extremely challenging. However, a 4-star rating does not mean almost impossible. As long as you're persistent - and you've got some good guides to refer to - this Platinum is certainly still obtainable.

Overall, expect to spend around 100 hours on this puppy.

As we mentioned earlier, you will have to play this game a minimum of 5 times, once for each of the five starting base regions. Also, you will need to play at least one of these games in Classic difficulty, one in Impossible difficulty, and - the most challenging of them all - one in Ironman mode.

In order to get the hang of the game, you may want to start on Easy difficulty. In which case, we recommend playing this mode with either the North or South American base. You will collect a number of story-related trophies on your first run, and hopefully some of the many other miscellaneous trophies as well. Check out the XCOM Enemy Unknown trophy guide links under our Links tab for further details.

We also recommend, rather than playing two games on Easy back-to-back, to leave the second as your final playthrough. This way, you can use it to easily mop-up anything you've missed during your forth or fifth playthrough.

When playing on Impossible difficulty, we recommend starting with the Europe base. And finally, once you're ready to embark on Ironman mode, start with the Africa base. For Ironman, you have the option of selecting Classic or Impossible difficulty. For obvious reasons, we recommend Classic, unless you wish to brag to your friends how fantastic you are. The No Looking Back trophy for completing the game on Ironman mode will be your most challenging trophy, as your soldiers have less HP, the enemies are more numerous, not to mention stronger. To save yourself a lot of headache, remember to always SAVE! If you make a mistake or lose a soldier, the game will autosave after your turn. However, you can bypass this by immediately holding down the PS button before the game autosaves, exit, then reload your previous game.

Good luck, and have fun!

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